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If you ever wonder why the line at your local coffee shop seems to be growing longer each day, a Reuters report about coffee drinking in the U.S. may answer the question.

National demand for coffee continues to climb as evidenced in March 2018, when Reuters reported, “Sixty-four percent of Americans age 18 or over said they had a cup of coffee the previous day.” This is a slight bump from the sixty-two percent recorded in 2017.

Waiting in line for coffee isn’t fun, which is just one reason why having coffee available at work is the perfect addition to any office. It gives employees simple, quick access to their favorite beverage at a moment’s notice, all without needing to travel elsewhere. But like many things in life, not all coffee machines are created equal – and the TopBrewer is here to step up to the plate.

There’s an assortment of ways that TopBrewer can transform your office, which we’ll share below.


1. Natural Notes Lead to Energized Employees

Coffee is nothing if not personalized. That’s why TopBrewer has a handful of great coffees to choose from to appeal to every employee’s palate. The selections include Nordic Note, Italian Note, Green Note, Red Cherry Note, and Nocaf Note. Whole bean coffee is ground for each unique serving, resulting in a fresh cup every time. Fresh beans deliver better-tasting coffee, and when paired with caffeine, it results in reinvigorated employees!


2. Fair Trade Benefits Everyone

One big factor to its success is the direct relationship that’s shared with coffee providers. By paying for beans above Fair Trade price, more money is put in farmers’ pockets. In addition to fairly compensating the people that make our coffee a reality, this means TopBrewer is more hands-on with ingredient production, resulting in an even better final product.

This is only accomplished by purchasing coffee beans directly from coffee producers, many of which are sourced from all over the world. These areas of production are located in Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Peru, and Uganda.


3. Premium Coffee All in One Place

With TopBrewer, there’s no more need for 20-minute coffee runs to the local café. When employees can grab their daily fix at a moment’s notice, less time is spent waiting in long lines, allowing them to be more productive. It provides a convenient, reliable coffee solution at work. The machine is capable of making drinks as you’d see from a barista, including premium lattes to milk-based café drinks, all at the touch of a button. Well, more like at the touch of the iPad screen. Now you’ll be able to satisfy all of your employees’ caffeinated cravings, not just those excited by drip coffee options!

Each cup delivers great taste every time, thanks to zero temperature drops during the brewing process. One of the most impressive aspects of TopBrewer is the sheer speed that it operates – ultrafast grinders in the machine produce a 150 ml (5 oz) coffee in 15 seconds, and a milk-based drink in 20 seconds.


4. Reinforce Teamwork and Improve Employee Morale

Becoming more than just a utility, TopBrewer can be a prime spot for people to meet up, make conversation or generate ideas. It can be a location for employees to introduce themselves to new faces, as well as potentially start impromptu conversations. It’s possible that people from different departments can work together to generate solutions. Good ideas can come from anywhere!

Additionally, sharing coffee preferences with other people can be solid ground to get a conversation rolling. Ideally, morale can receive a boost from a greater chance of meeting new people. When employees feel connected to their peers, it’s more likely they’ll look forward to coming to work. This has a positive effect on teamwork, and ideally, it will improve productivity as well. Who knows, it’s possible colleagues may become friends over a cup of coffee.


5. User-Friendly, Accessible Technology


TopBrewer skips the clunky, cluttered selection screen by providing control through an onboard iPad. The tablet lays out drink options in a super simple, approachable format that even your least tech-savvy employee can understand. Alternatively, the machine can be controlled using CoffeeCloud, a free smartphone application available on iPhone or Android devices.

Employees may be concerned about altering their routine of ordering a latte at their local café to making drinks themselves, but there’s no need to worry. After trying the machine’s easy-to-use, automatic functionality, any worries will disappear. Before they know it, they’ll be excited to brew their favorite barista-style drinks.


6. Forgot a Favorite? Not a Problem

Wouldn’t it be great to tap a single button and immediately have a cup of coffee in your hand? Sadly, technology hasn’t quite reached that point. Until then, TopBrewer has a helpful alternative – it has the capability of remembering your coffee preferences for future brewing. Drink type, how much of each ingredient you want in a cup, and other preferences are all available at a moment’s notice.

Here’s a fun idea – try new drinks based on what coworkers choose as their favorite. It’s possible you may find something delicious you hadn’t thought of trying before.

There are so many ways TopBrewer can transform your office, but we’re just getting started. Stay tuned and follow us on social media to learn six more ways TopBrewer can transform your office! You can find us on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to stay up-to-date.

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