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Tea is an ancient beverage which likely originated nearly 3,000 years ago in China by lucky mistake. Enjoyed around the world, tea is filled with health benefits. While Americans have historically been coffee drinkers, MightyLeaf writes “in the 21st century, we became more well-versed in tea…[and] the cultures of tea around the world.” While tea on tap in the office break room may not have the same ceremony as British high tea or a Japanese traditional tea ceremony, it offers many of the same physical and mental health benefits in any setting. Tea may be the ideal breakroom beverage, particularly when it’s served up on tap.

Is Tea the Ideal Breakroom Beverage?

Enjoyed hot, a cup of tea represents a moment of peace in a busy workday. Unlike coffee or lattes, tea is meant to be savored slowly and enjoyed carefully. For busy Americans, a cup of tea can encourage taking breaks from work. There are several reasons tea may be the ideal breakroom beverage, including the need for breaks and the health benefits of this beverage.

Americans are Taking Fewer Breaks

The average American worker is stressed and putting in too many hours at their desk. According to one study, less than 20 percent of people regularly take lunch breaks and 67 percent of the workforce eats at least one meal at their desk each week.

Regular breaks can provide employees with much-needed respite and an opportunity to mentally refresh, which can, in turn, boost engagement and productivity. Offering tea as a breakroom refreshment can allow employers to communicate that it’s important for employees to regularly step away from their desks. “Tea not only serves as a symbol for a peaceful life but the act of drinking tea can provide the means to come in contact with it’ writes Mikael Zaurov.

Health Benefits of Tea

As a health elixir, tea packs a serious punch. It’s health benefits include antioxidants, less caffeine than coffee, immune-boosting properties, and some digestive benefits. It’s also calorie-free and safe for virtually any dietary approach, from paleo to ketogenic to vegan.

Clinical studies also indicate that tea could offer a host of health benefits beyond its well-known antioxidant properties that can support well-being. “There’s a lot of literature out there on tea and heart health,” said Anna Ardine, Nutrition Manager at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Studies have also indicated that tea can promote healthy weight loss or weight maintenance and oral health.

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There’s a Tea for Every Taste

If someone says they don’t like tea, they haven’t tried all of their options. There are thousands of options available when it comes to tea, which can be served hot, iced, caffeinated, caffeine-free or otherwise. Tea is an exceptional break room offering because it can be provided in many different ways to suit every type of preference. A few of the best kinds of tea to offer employees include:

Black Tea: Accounting for 75 percent of global tea consumption, black tea is the highest in certain types of antioxidants which may lower cholesterol. This option has the strongest taste.

Green Tea: With an earthier, lighter flavor than black tea, green tea is filled with catechins, an antioxidant which may lower cholesterol, fight heart disease, and promote healthy weight loss.

White Tea: White tea has the mildest, most delicate flavor and lowest caffeine content compared to green and black tea, with many of the same amazing antioxidant benefits.

Flavored Teas: Caffeinated teas which blend black, white, or green tea leaves with flavoring agents such as cinnamon, orange peel or acai are categorized as flavored teas. These options can offer the health benefits of their additives, which may include more antioxidants and vitamin C.

Herbal Teas: Caffeine-free teas come in endless flavors from familiar and exotic herb blends, each of which can offer unique benefits. Peppermint may promote digestion, chamomile tea can enhance relaxation and hibiscus may support better blood pressure.

Why Tea on Tap is the Perfect Breakroom Fix

Globally, tea consumption is on the rise. “Health has a great influence on tea consumption as people increase their awareness of the health impacts of carbonated drinks,” said a recent statement from the FAO’s tea group. In U.S. markets, the most popular type of tea is iced teas. An ice-cold glass of tea offers all the same benefits of a hot brewed-cup, with a refreshing twist.

The latest trend in U.S. tea consumption is tea on tap, which is a great break room fix for your employees. Serving up craft brew tea on tap allows an artisan approach to tasting every cup. Sparkling water blended with incredible flavors like white tea, hibiscus, turmeric, green tea and other healthy herbs. Tea on tap is the perfect break room beverage because it’s healthy, convenient, trendy and encourages employees to take a break.

Serving Up Tea on Tap

Turning your break room into a place where employees want to relax and recharge requires the right refreshments. For a health-conscious workplace, tea on tap may be the perfect way to communicate that you appreciate their talent and efforts.

Corporate Essentials is a leading provider of full-service breakroom refreshment services in New Jersey and New York for over two decades. Our innovative range of beverages served on tap includes nitro cold brew coffee, kombucha, as well as caffeinated and herbal teas.

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