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The search for a healthy and delicious, dietary friendly energy snack is over! Rickaroons have accomplished the un-accomplishable. Creamy almond butter comes together with real flakes of coconut and ingredients rich in antioxidants. The resulting snack gives you the slow-burning energy you need, while also tasting like a decadent dessert. We also love how the company is family owned and operated. With roots in San Diego, CA, they are the epitome of “teamwork makes the dream work.”

The Evolution of the Rickaroon

It all started with Rick. As a vegan triathlete in the 80’s, Rick LeBeau created a recipe based off of a macaroon that would give him the energy he needed to power through his workouts. Over the years Rick continued to tinker with the recipe, especially when he began dating a woman with Multiple Sclerosis in the early 2000’s. At the recommendation of her doctors she went gluten-free, and as a result, the recipe evolved from whole wheat flour to spelt flour to no flour.

At the time, Rick’s son Grant was an active child, reinforcing the need for an energy bar that even a kid would devour. Today’s version of the Rickaroon is a take on everyone’s favorite macaroon. The bar is packed with energizing nutrients and special diet friendly (this means gluten-free, vegan, paleo, non-GMO and organic). It also helps that their flavors are out of this world: Chocolate Blonde, Mint To Be, Mocha, Peanut Butter Protein and the Megaroon, the superfood option packed with chia seeds for a little extra nutritious push.

Meet the Family

There’s just something about family owned small businesses; the hard work and dedication put in behind the scenes can really shine through the brand. That’s exactly what you get with Rickaroons.

Grant LeBeau is Rick’s son and partner in the business. Growing up on the delightfully rich, energy-fueling bars made by his father, Grant remembers enjoying them as both treats and on-the-go snacks. Even as he grew up and went off to college, the love baked into Rickaroons continued to fuel his days, “My dad would send me his baked goods when I was playing varsity water polo at Brown and when I moved back to San Diego and lifeguarded out of college,” Grant told us. Today, you can see Grant pouring his heart and soul into Rickaroons, always working tirelessly to make their delicious snacks the best they can be!

Stevie is Grant’s sister and Rickaroons’ resident visual storyteller. She embodies the lifestyle brand that Rickaroons has become – adventurous, yogi, well-traveled. After finishing college with a background in marketing and traveling all over the eastern hemisphere, Stevie returned to tell the Rickaroons’ story. She gives the company their voice, takes awesome photos and helps maintain what it means to be a Rickarooner, “A health conscious and ethically conscientious person who seeks and attains excellence in their field through hard work, willpower, and integrity. The search for greatness and meaning never ends for a Rickarooner. He or she constantly seeks out greater challenges and higher mountains to climb.”

Tina is Grant’s sister and Rickaroons’ in-house graphic designer. After teaching herself how to use Photoshop and Illustrator in college, Tina figured out how to rebuild the Rickaroons website and has been designing all things Rickaroon ever since! She lives the Rickaroon lifestyle along with her sister Stevie, always seeking new adventures.

Try It Out

There are so many ways to enjoy Rickaroons, so get creative with them! Awesome by themselves as a pre-workout snack, crumbled up on top of an acai bowl, or used to squish ice cream together for a twist on an ice cream sandwich. This month you can find Rickaroons’ Peanut Butter Protein flavor featured in our Snack Box to help you power through a long day at the office!  So, whether you spend your days rock climbing in the mountains, doing yoga in the park, or are just looking for organic, sustainable energy to power through your day, speak to your Customer Care Representative about adding Rickaroons to your next order!
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