Climate change may seem like a relatively recent discussion in today’s news cycle, but the issue has been studied by researchers for over 50 years. In a study in 1965 exploring the issue, top scientists reported to President Lyndon B. Johnson that rampant pollution of the environment and our CO2 emissions can have a negative effect on our way of life. You can view a digital version of the 1965 document right here (how cool is that?).

The rest is history, as we’ve seen first-hand how the planet has been affected by our actions since then. Fortunately, we can still take action to ensure we leave the planet in a better place for our children and grandchildren. Change doesn’t come overnight, but it begins by teaching other people about sustainable practices.

These are a few ways you can promote sustainability in your office!

How to Promote Sustainability in Your OfficeOffer Easy Recycling Access

Bring in a recycling bin for office use. Make sure it’s available in an open area where any employee can access it and safely dispose of recyclable goods. 

This measure can include more than just plastic. Offering a place to deposit cardboard and paper for recycling can also convince coworkers to contribute. If you provide multiple methods of smart disposal, don’t forget to properly label each one!

Have a Discussion

Explain the importance of making sustainable actions with coworkers and how they can help. They may not realize the difference between
plastic recycling symbols, or how to properly dispose of used batteries, which makes these discussions beneficial for future efforts.

Additionally, having this conversation with coworkers can prompt them to share their own methods of living with the planet in mind, and help generate new strategies on how to live sustainably. Any effective ideas can also help inspire a congratulatory culture, or one where coworkers feel good about sharing their ideas for success.

Share a Reminder

Sending a mass email to employees each month or offering a regular newsletter, including a friendly reminder on sustainable practices can work wonders.
Sustainability tips such as waste reduction or proper energy management can be helpful resources for positive change!

Sustain the Break Room

If your employees or coworkers are given meal options in the break room, ditch the single-use plates, utensils, and other wasteful items. Investing in
reusable containers and cutlery can cut down on one aspect of wasteful living.

Be Up-To-Date

Follow the latest news, updates, actions, and reports on sustainability efforts. Being in-the-loop means you are well-equipped to make informed decisions.

No matter how you slice it, climate change is here and it affects all of us. Perhaps the most effective way of dealing with the issue is by educating other people about the importance of leading sustainable lives. Small actions like not relying on plastic bags from the grocery store may not amount to immediate or significant environmental improvement, but these decisions can have an effect on public perception and lead to positive change.

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