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By implementing a water dispenser filtration system in your Brooklyn, Manhattan or New Jersey-based office, you can begin to promote healthy lifestyle choices among your workforce by eradicating detrimental chemicals from your water supply.

When it comes to water dispensers, we offer the best filtration systems to ensure that your employees are getting clean, fresh-tasting water. Although municipal tap water goes through a disinfection process, there are still contaminants present in your drinking water. With over 2,100 known contaminants in tap water, it’s important that you’re providing your employees with premium quality drinking water.

Your employees deserve nothing less than exceptional. Incorporate one of our affordable water dispenser filtration systems into your workspace to ensure that they always have pristine drinking water.

We offer a variety of top-notch water dispenser filtration systems that are super simple to install and just as convenient to maintain. By offering the most advanced technology in water filtration systems, we guarantee a user-friendly, high capacity performance.

Interpure Water Filtration Office Water - NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn

Purification made perfect.

Interpure provides sleek European styling water filtration systems with an LCD display, filter change indication as well as a controllable temperature gauge. The floor standing IP2U offers multi-stage filtration with microprocessor control that has the capacity to accommodate large containers.

The smaller-scale counter top IPC2U offers the same advanced filtration technology with ultraviolet disinfection and adjustable leveling feet. Both models offer clean hot and cold water readily available for consumption at the mere press of a button. Interpure offers premium water filtration services with stylish facades, first-class performance and exceptional levels of efficiency to meet the needs of your employees.

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Avoiding tap water in the workplace by limiting yourself to bottled water is not a viable defense against water pollutants. By investing in a water dispenser filtration system, you’re giving your employees the best of the best.

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