Why should you consider using a service to help manage your pantry delivery? If your job managing your office services is like many others we speak to, then you’re probably unaware that you could be hurting the environment.

As a society, our need for immediate satisfaction has us largely accustomed to ordering a multitude of items online such as food, clothes or just about any minor household or business items we need. It’s convenient, easy and fast, and after a while, we don’t think twice about it.

When that convenience becomes the norm, it’s easy to forget about the effects of multiple small deliveries on your carbon footprint. Especially when it comes to office deliveries, it’s rare for someone to ask, “what impact does my ordering and delivery process have on the environment?”. Excess packaging, emissions from delivery vehicles – ordering from multiple vendors to fulfill your office’s ever-changing needs can certainly have a negative impact on the environment.

But what if there was a different way?

You can make a difference in your office perks by working with a service that saves time, natural resources and is convenient, too.

What if you were able to make one order from one service, and have all of your office needs satisfied? That’s all of your coffee, beverage, healthy snack, pantry items, and cleaning supplies all delivered at once. Just this simple act of consolidating all your deliveries into one can significantly reduce your environmental impact.

When you first consider the number of multiple suppliers you are ordering from, and then the frequency of your orders, you can see just how much time, effort, money, and environmental effect is expended.  Even more importantly, it’s easy to see the positive impact changing our habits and making efforts to consolidate can have in all these areas.

At Corporate Essentials, we specialize in helping facilities managers, office management and purchasing professionals in consolidating vendors and delivery frequency by managing the ordering and stocking of all your coffee break, refreshment, snack and food needs. We stock over 3,000 products and have an impressive fleet of refrigerated trucks to deliver everything from the ordinary to the not-so-ordinary office requests to our customers.

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Judson Kleinman

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