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Office coffee provides a number of proven benefits for companies willing to invest in their break room. Happy, hydrated workers and a great office culture are the boons of choosing the best office coffee machines for your particular workplace.

Luckily, there are experts out there in the world of office coffee who exist solely to help you whittle down the list of potential coffee machines to find the best ones for your exact situation – machines that are easy to maintain, reliable and serve up the best office coffee in town.

10. Outdated

Having outdated office coffee machines can mean your staff has to work harder to use them. They are less likely to enjoy their beverages and generally receive a less-than-awesome office coffee experience. The coffee machine from a few years ago might seem cheap, but the knock-on cost in wasted time negates any savings.

9. Complicated

When your employees are unable to use the office coffee machines you have chosen because they have not been trained or because the coffee makers are simply too complex, your break room is breeding more frustration than collaboration. Simple coffee makers, with quick-start guides and even on-site training offers, are definitely the way to go.

8. Broken

Among the horrors that can really drag a Monday down, racing into the break room to find that the office coffee machines are out of commission for one reason or another definitely places in our top three. Working with an office coffee service that has dedicated maintenance and repair staff, as well as the ability to troubleshoot problems for you on demand, is a huge help.

7. Slow

Chances are if your office is like most offices around the nation when your employees need coffee, they need it now. Having office coffee machines that are unable to keep up with demand will lead to dissatisfied customers, and a dissatisfied internal customer is definitely bad for business.

6. Unsatisfying

A wide selection of office coffee products is a must for a well-stocked break room – but offering fifteen flavors of coffee to a room full of people who really want tea is just as bad as having no selection at all. Working with your colleagues to determine what best quenches their collective thirst is the best way to ensure your office coffee machines live up to the challenges of your workplace.

5. Uninspiring

While having staff favorites on hand is a must, so is providing the occasional fresh flavor, seasonal treat or new trending drink option. Being able to choose something new and different can provide a surprising boost of inspiration on a dreary day.

Sometimes, that fresh pop of flavor can unlock potential solutions to deadlines, flailing productivity and other problems you might not have known existed.

4. Bad Coffee

While having decent coffee that fails to hit the spot or boring coffee that never quite gives you the boost you need can both bring a certain drag factor to your office workplace, having office coffee machines that churn out sub-standard coffee day in and day out can spoil the investment you have made if office coffee equipment completely.

There is much to consider when choosing coffee for your office, and ensuring that the products you provide to staff are good quality, backed with a guarantee that allows you to change the order if it does not suit the office palate.

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3. Limited Options

Choosing the right provider for your office coffee services can be tricky – particularly for larger companies. You have to find a provider that offers machines capable of serving up enough coffee to meet the demands of your workplace, but at the same time honor the diverse tastes of your collective. For many offices, the best solution is a blend of bulk brewing and single-serve coffee makers.

2. Never Enough

Satisfying a thirst for the masses is a tall order – and with the wrong office coffee service, it is close to impossible. When you are sifting through the various office coffee services in your area, consider their genuine ability to meet the evolving demand for coffee and other break room products in your office throughout the year.

1. Lack of Enthusiasm

Office coffee machines should be providing the inspiration and fuel for your teams, giving a new enthusiasm, collaborative atmosphere and general sense of awesomeness for the whole firm. Choosing great coffee makers is a solid step toward boosting enthusiasm across the board.

You can protect yourself from the perils of choosing the wrong office coffee machines by reaching out to the seasoned coffee experts at Corporate Essentials. Our team of caffeination gurus is ready to help you understand the needs of your teams and find the best equipment to meet the demand for high-quality office coffee in your workplace.

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