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If you are familiar with our blog, you know that office coffee is the core of our world here at Corporate Essentials. Sometimes, given the pressures today’s businesses face, it can be hard to discern how coffee really matters in your break room. Today, our team of coffee service pros has imagined four scenarios to illustrate just how vital great coffee is to your company’s success.

That morning you were SO late

You woke up late, so there was no time for coffee at home. You missed the bus, so there was no time for coffee along the way. You tried to queue up at the café next door but time was ticking and you grabbed the wrong drink, which would have been fine if you liked soy, but instead you gagged and ended up walking into the office sputtering with a stain on your leg.

Arriving in style never felt so…icky. In addition to being late, you had to try and get that taste out of your mouth, clean your pants and slip seamlessly into a meeting that was half over.

Even in this imagined scenario, the knock-on effect of your lateness ripples through the company and you know that eventually the 15 minutes of time you were late can cost your business hours. There are plenty of arguments about the cost of office coffee, but what about the savings?

The single largest area of savings having coffee in the office provides is time. Less time queuing up, less time going out, less time feeling drained and less time being unproductive in general.

The day you lost the deal

Your train was late so you had no time to stop at the café and pick up a round of coffees for that early meeting before the pitch at 11. The universe seemed to work against you all morning, and you had to send the new gal over the road to pick up the late morning coffees and forgot a tray of lattes.

Luckily, the managers opted to go out to lunch so you had a chance to re-stage the meeting room. But, today was not your day, the break room was out of cold-brew beverages, the only sweetener was that funny colored one no one really likes and there was a distinct dearth of napkins. In the end, the client declined the pitch.

Plenty of things went wrong today, while there is no guarantee that office coffee would have helped the team deliver a successful pitch, we know having great on-site beverages and snacks would have taken a lot of the pressure off of you in this scenario.

And who knows, having adequate caffeine onboard might have helped the IT guy get the projector working and improved the standard of proofreading overall; it definitely would have helped Karen from third not fall asleep in the afternoon session!

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That time you snored

Some days drag on more than others, and particularly during the cooler seasons, anyone can fall victim to the dreaded two o’clock slump. You know it all too well: that sinking feeling you get when you are back at your desk after lunch and just find that nothing is inspiring or interesting enough to keep you going for the rest of the day.

So you look out the window for a moment, or rest your eyes for just one second and the next thing you know…SNORT. Maybe no one noticed, but chances are they did.

One thing we know for sure is that the power of great office coffee can prevent this momentary lapse of productivity. Work with your coffee service to ensure a constant tide of different coffees, teas and other drinks, along with snacks, make their way into your break room and that well-stocked space will provide inspiration and motivation for you, along with everyone else in the building.

When the guests were unimpressed

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. A great tasting cup of coffee provides refreshment and enjoyment while a bad cup of coffee is just…bad.

Whether you are trying to woo a new client, impress a potential new hire or just warmly welcome guests who are stopping by, having mediocre coffee fails to make the sort of impression that people want to hold onto – and no business wants to be leaving a bad taste in someone’s mouth. Knowing your office coffee service has your back, and a wide portfolio of high-quality products, is vital in giving the right impression to all your on-site visitors.

If you are hoping to avoid the pitfalls of bad office coffee, or simply want to maximize your investment in an on-site coffee service, contact the team at Corporate Essentials. We specialize in harnessing the power of coffee for good.

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Suzie Pinhancos

Suzie is the Client Support Specialist at Corporate Essentials. She graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Union County College. Since 2014 she’s been fueling the culture at Corporate Essentials and spreading the word about their premier office coffee service in NJ & NYC.