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The world of office coffee is overrun with decisions and choices – none more important than the office coffee machines you select to become the backbone of the break room in your NYC office. Having the best office coffee in town is great, but without the right coffee equipment, it is highly unlikely you are going to ever truly appreciate how amazing your coffee offerings are.

So today, the caffeination experts at Corporate Essentials are pooling their knowledge of cutting-edge coffee maker technology with going on 20 years experience in the office coffee service business to give you the scoop on how to choose the right coffee machine for your office – and how doing so will change your workplace world for the better.

Size Wisely

There are two key factors to consider when you are choosing office coffee makers, the first is the crowd you are serving. Why? Because the number of coffee drinkers in your office gives you at least a ballpark estimate on the amount of coffee they are likely to consume. There are other factors that should also be included when you are sizing your office coffee equipment:

  • Frequency: How often do you notice your colleagues popping out to the nearest coffee shop to get a fresh drink?
  • Quantity: How many cups of coffee are your co-workers drinking in a given day?
  • Variety: Do your team members drink the same cup of coffee over and over throughout the day, or do they change it up in the afternoon?

While this is not an exclusive list of considerations, getting an idea of how much, how often and how various the coffee choices of your staffers are will help you determine whether a whole pot, single-serve or other specialized coffee machines would best serve the needs of your New York office.

Pick for Palates

The other important factor in choosing your office coffee machines is the sort of coffee your team drinks. We touched on how variety plays a role in the sizing factor, but the importance of variety as a consideration in determining the right machines for your office coffee is worth examining in detail. For example, if your team is made up of true coffee snobs, the odds of a simple drip pot satisfying their thirst for high-quality coffee are limited.

So, to figure out which coffee equipment will best match the particular thirst of your co-workers, keep tabs on:

  • The drinks they like.
  • The trends they follow.
  • Their seasonal preferences.
  • The special guests you cater for occasionally.

Knowing which sort of coffee your teams crave, and discovering whether you can make the variety of drinks they all desire with one big coffee maker or a raft of smaller office coffee machines is the key to finding the ideal coffee equipment for your break room.

Make the Choice

Deciding between a single or multi-serve coffee brewer for your NYC break room should be relatively easy once you are armed with the information you have collected based on the quantity and types of coffee your workers enjoy. While some small companies can enjoy a tremendous boost from one single-serve coffee maker and a variety of coffee choices, larger firms are more likely to need an office coffee maker capable of catering to larger crowds, higher demand and a wider selection of tastes.

If you are having difficulty choosing between the office coffee machines that might meet the needs of your firm, ask your office coffee service consultant for an in-office trial. This will allow you to get a real-time feel for how the equipment fits into your workplace both physically and socially.

Physically, because you want to be sure that people are able to use the coffee maker in a comfortable space and realistic timeframe. Socially because you want to be sure that the office coffee machines you have selected foster the best benefit of providing great on-site coffee for your office colleagues – that coffee culture we talk so much about.

Drink to Success

With a great selection of office coffee machines installed in the break room, you will be able to enjoy all the perks that go with having a well-stocked break room. For starters, your teams will have a new reason to hang out and get to know one another – the office coffee maker is a breeding ground for collaboration. Second, your co-workers will be better hydrated – and hydration is a friend to productivity.

Third, your staff will be more likely to feel valued and truly enjoy being part of the workplace team – because providing on-site nourishment saves them time and money. All of these come together to establish a great office coffee culture, which is a genuine accomplishment, thanks to finding the right office coffee machine.

When you are ready to up your break room game, reach out to the team at Corporate Essentials. Our team of office coffee experts is well versed in the science of finding the right office coffee machines for any workplace.

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Joe Simonovich

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