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It’s March… that time of year when everyone starts to forget about their New Year’s Resolutions and hits that slump when stuck between winter and springtime.

 To get you back on track, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has named March as National Nutrition Month®!  This campaign is designed to educate people on how to make informed meal choices and form healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

We’re all guilty of substituting breakfast with a cup of coffee, buying food based on cravings instead of necessity, or eating out of boredom.  To combat these daily struggles, this year’s National Nutrition Month® theme is “Go Further With Food”.  What exactly does this mean? This year’s theme encourages people to plan meals to include the nutrients they need to fuel their day while also reducing food waste.  

It’s so easy to roll out of bed in the morning and grab a granola bar on the way to work, but too often you’re left feeling hungry as soon as 9:30 in the morning! It’s true what they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and what you consume in the morning can give you the energy to power through your day, full and focused.  

This article by Greatist provides recipes for quick and healthy breakfast options from Quinoa Fruit Salad to Spinach and Cheddar Microwave Quiche.

The next time you grab a yogurt as a healthier breakfast alternative, consider tossing in some KIND Granola Clusters for a splash of flavor while also supplying 32g of whole grains to start your day off right!

It can also be helpful to plan meals and snacks in advance. Setting aside just 15 minutes on a Sunday evening allows you to plan out your dinners for the week, that way you know exactly what to buy, reducing food waste.

Poor diet choices are typically made on a whim when planned meals are not in place.  Pack your lunch for work the night before, that way you’re not tempted when your coworkers ask to order pizza!  

Balance out your lunch with a chopped salad, or a sandwich on whole grain bread with some Calbee Snapea Crisps on the side.  

The same goes for snack time… grab the carrots and hummus rather than the potato chips sitting in the break room.  Making these conscious decisions during National Nutrition Month® will become habits and carry through to your daily life, twelve months a year!

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Rachel Cusack

With a passion for the creative side of the business world, Rachel graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. Through many years in customer service roles, she has developed strong people skills and an interest in how consumers interact with brands. Rachel strives to bring her experience in digital marketing and events to her role as a Marketing Associate at Corporate Essentials. She believes that life is just better with a cup of coffee and a great office culture is the first step in maximizing employee happiness.