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There is no denying America’s love of coffee — and in recent years, there has been a dramatic shift in demand, especially when it comes to specialty coffee.

According to Reuters, after surveying 3,000 Americans, it was found that 64 percent drink coffee on a daily basis. However, these coffee drinkers are no longer opting for your standard, large-scale brands. Instead, there has been a significant shift towards gourmet.

Artisan coffee roasters are popping up all over the map, offering high-quality beans and complex flavor profiles. The best locally roasted coffee brands are driving a movement, one that is here to stay. If you’re interested in learning more about quality coffee and the brands that make it all happen, this is for you.

This Year’s Best Locally Roasted Coffee Brands

The majority of Americans love coffee. If you do too, know that once you taste the varieties offered by the following forward-thinking brands, you’ll never go back to your go-to, run-of-the-mill coffee again. Serving up each cup with pride, the following local coffee brands understand what quality truly means.

Irving Farm

When it comes to the best locally roasted coffee brands, Irving Farm has achieved somewhat of a cult following. Known as New York’s native specialty coffee, this impressive brand first opened its doors in 1996. With their headquarters in Lower Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, Irving Farm now has eight (soon to be nine) Manhattan-based locations.

Pioneers in this space, they continue to highlight the importance of sustainability and social responsibility. All of their coffee is roasted in their Millerton, NY facility, specializing in unique beans and surprising flavor profiles, including their cold brew coffee products. From their Black Strap Ground Espresso to their Gotham Dark Roast, they continue to offer the best beans from around the globe.

City of Saints

City of Saints is unique in that they not only take great pride in their coffee but also the communities they serve. With five locations across New York and New Jersey, including cafes in Brooklyn and Hoboken, they value open-mindedness and inclusiveness. In turn, their coffee is definitely gourmet but it is also highly approachable.

Whether you’re in the market for a full, dark blend or a prefer a blend that is clean, crisp and sweet, City of Saints is one of the best locally roasted coffee brands for a reason. Although their cafes are known for having a fun, light-hearted atmosphere, they take their coffee very seriously. Their Denizen Blend is a must-try, offering tasting notes of jasmine, dates and tootsie rolls.

Forty Weight

Founded by two long-time best friends, the story of Forty Weight officially began in 2009. Although they faced a number of struggles, they were committed to making their coffee dreams a reality and in 2010, they made their first dollar at a farmers’ market in Syracuse, New York.

Today, their “lab” and roastery is located on the outskirts of Ithaca, New York. Offering unique coffees from Mexico, Ethiopia, Columbia and Guatemala, they are known for their mouth-pleasing tasting profiles. Whether you’re sampling their Kanzu Lot #12, offering notes of red apple, grape and plum; or their robust P.Y.T. Espresso, showcasing notes of chocolate and caramel, Forty Weight takes coffee to new heights.

Cafe Grumpy

There is no denying Cafe Grumpy’s place on this ‘best locally roasted coffee brands’ list. Their Brooklyn-based brand is proud to “let the coffee speak for itself,” offering a wide range of delicious, creative and socially responsible coffee varieties. With eight retail cafes throughout New York, they have quickly become a beloved local brand. They also recently opened a chic cafe in Miami.

Whether their beans are coming from El Salvador, Kenya, Rwanda or any other region known for quality beans, Cafe Grumpy works only with environmentally and socially social producers. They then develop their unique roast profiles serving up everything from their Heartbreaker Espresso to their Shamba whole beans, which offer notes of lemon zest, wild honey, lavender and Assam tea.

Cafe Integral

Specializing in Nicaraguan coffees, all of which are personally sourced and roasted in New York City, Cafe Integral takes an immersive, hands-on approach. Spending months at a time on the farms they work with, they are committed to producing the best Nicaraguan coffees on the planet.

With a cafe in Lower Manhattan, as well as Chicago and Miami, they have sure made their mark as they continue to grow and educate coffee drinkers. Although they source more than thirty unique lots each year, their flagship Dulcinea Espresso Blend continues to be a fan favorite. Currently, in its twelfth edition, you’ll enjoy notes of orange peel and dill — resulting in a smooth, creamy and delicious mouthful each and every time.

Bottom line: Once you try one of these best locally roasted coffee brands, you’ll wonder what you’ve been drinking this whole time. Each brand provides their consumers with a unique experience, helping coffee drinkers from New York and beyond taste the difference.

Ready to up your coffee game? Eager to transform your company’s break room? If so, we’re here to help. Be sure to browse our selection of the best locally roasted coffee brands available and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today!


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