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Productivity Is The Key To Any Successful Business

It’s important to almost any employer to cultivate an environment that places an emphasis on increasing productivity at work. This is because employees who are focused on their work and spend their time efficiently largely contribute to the company’s overall success. The mismatch can be found when productivity is expected, with no real driving force behind it.

Increased productivity amongst employees can be achieved when they are engaged and excited about the work they are doing and the company they work for. Gallup’s meta-analysis of employee engagement showed that “teams with high employee engagement rates are 21% more productive.” Having a more engaged, productive workforce can be better for a company’s bottom line. Gallup’s data also showed that “companies that increase their number of talented managers and double the rate of engaged employees achieve, on average, 147% higher earnings per share than their competition.” So the question remains, how do you achieve a more engaged, productive workforce?

Food As Fuel

A break room stocked with healthy snacks is the answer you’ve been looking for. The common, Monday morning “donuts in the break room!” email is not going to give your employees the energy they need to power through their day. Foods high in fat leave you feeling groggy and high carb foods give you quick energy, followed by that dreaded slump. Making healthy snacks available all day will let employees know they are valued while also giving them the energy they need to take on the day.

Healthy snacks filled with nutrients and natural energy are needed to keep employees fueled and focused without the 2 p.m. slump. Rather than focusing on how hungry they are, staff members can grab a fruit and nut bar and power through that Excel sheet. It is important to look for snacks with fiber, protein, and clean ingredients that are recognizable with no added fillers. How exactly do you go about keeping your break room stocked and your culture fueled? We put together this epic 4-step formula to increase productivity at work to make your life a whole lot easier!

  1. Conduct Research Among Employees

In order to create an environment that employees want to be a part of, you will want to include snacks that pertain to varying wants and needs. To do so, start asking your coworkers about their likes, their dislikes, and any dietary restrictions they might have. Simple break room chatter or a short emailed survey can help you accomplish such research.

  1. Choose A Snack Delivery Option That’s Right For Your Office

After taking into consideration your office’s size and the various needs of employees, choose the snack delivery option that is right for your organization.

  • Customized Pantry Service: With this option, your plan is completely customized to your office’s needs. You choose the snacks you’d like to see in your break room, and our staff will deliver them on a schedule of your choosing and stock your shelves to create a well-organized pantry.
  • Snack Box Delivery Service: Our thoughtfully curated snack boxes are a subscription-based service delivered monthly to your office. Each month, we create a box filled with 50 snacks and include some of the industry’s newest and trendiest products to ensure constant discovery. Choose from one-month, three-month, six-month or one-year subscription plans.
  1. Talk To Our Team Of Experts To Set Up & Complete Your Order

Our resident snack experts are here to help! If a snack box seems like the right option for you and your coworkers, fill out this form. If your office is in need of a customized service plan, fill out this form. Either way, once you fill out a form, a member of our team will reach out to you to get some more information and complete your order!

  1. Get Healthy, Delicious Snacks Delivered To Your Office & Increase Productivity At Work

From there it’s quite simple. All you have to do is wait for your order to arrive, munch on some delicious and healthy snacks, and watch as your team is fueled and ready to tackle each day. It’s important to give your employees the tools to increase productivity at work, and one of those tools is healthy snacks to keep their minds sharp, focused and motivated throughout the day.

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Rachel Cusack

With a passion for the creative side of the business world, Rachel graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. Through many years in customer service roles, she has developed strong people skills and an interest in how consumers interact with brands. Rachel strives to bring her experience in digital marketing and events to her role as a Marketing Associate at Corporate Essentials. She believes that life is just better with a cup of coffee and a great office culture is the first step in maximizing employee happiness.