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Break rooms are the ideal place to refuel and recharge. They let employees step away from the desk and catch up with local events, plan off-hour get-togethers with colleagues or just relax with some great reading material.

Yet, breakroom planning takes work. You need to order supplies, stock the cupboards and figure out what to provide for snacks and drinks. Instead of spending time and money trying to locate good snacks, make life a little easier with a healthy snack delivery service from Corporate Essentials. Here are four great benefits your company and your staff will enjoy.

1. Brain Fog Be Gone

Nobody wants to sit in a fog, either staring at a document that needs writing or reviewing, or else trying to help a customer but failing to recall that crucial detail. Snacks high in sugars, carbohydrates or empty calories are notorious for burning off soon after that brief energy jolt — the so-called afternoon slump.

This is no way to run a successful business if employees and managers aren’t in top form throughout the day. Instead of stocking the break room with the usual sugar-laden packages — the ones featuring empty calories and filler ingredients that do nothing good for the body — choose healthy snacks that refuel the body with nutrients and simple ingredients. It’s just what your employees need, and it will have their minds firing on all levels.

2. Sharing Is Caring

Healthy snacks can also encourage collaboration and friendship, especially when employees bond over shared weight loss goals, improved energy, new health food stores or restaurants, or even the best farmers markets in town.

When employees share their lives in and outside of work, they discover shared values and new adventures. Instead of having everyone segregated into their respective work cubicles or offices, a lively break room brings out the best, most authentic traits that show off diversity and community values all at the same time.

3. A Workplace to Love

Apart from encouraging employee camaraderie, a healthy snack delivery service can even boost a business’s image. By helping employees remain productive and focused, healthy snacks can boost employee morale and help them view the company in a positive light.

Happy employees are dedicated employees who look forward to clocking in each morning. When they know their employer cares about their health — whether by providing a healthy snack delivery service, strong health care coverage and vacation days, or other employee wellness perks like fitness gym discounts, yoga or meditation rooms, or nutritionist counseling — employees deepen their loyalty and begin establishing their roots. Low turnover means you’ll spend less time recruiting and more time building a successful company.

4. Healthy Work, Healthy Home

Some of your employees might be familiar with health food brands, but others might not be. Utilizing a healthy snack delivery service is the ideal way to show unfamiliar employees a completely new side to snacking.

Most people tend to flock to familiarity in the workplace and shun the unknown. However, when people see a variety of healthy snacks in the break room, most tend to get a bit curious. Eventually, curiosity leads to sampling, and sampling leads to satisfaction and the thought of “Why didn’t I try this sooner?”

Your employees will typically take the healthy experiences out of the office, sharing them with friends and family, thereby fostering the growth of high-quality eating habits and support for food companies with good practices.

Some Healthy Snacks to Consider

Unsure of what to select for healthy break room snacks? When you sign up for the Corporate Essentials Healthy Snack Box, you’ll receive a variety of nutritional foods delivered right to your place of business.

Each 30-day supply includes 50 snack items, roughly 4 of each kind. What can you order for your own healthy snack delivery service? Here are a few ideas.

Fruit for Thought Dried Pineapple

Dried pineapple without preservatives or added fillers is a perfect pick-me-up with plenty of dietary fiber and natural sugars.

Go Raw Spirulina Energy Bars

These bars are free from wheat and gluten, and they contain plenty of immune-boosting, antioxidant-rich spirulina. Protein and dietary fiber also help propel the body and mind to productivity.

Sensible Food Crunch Dried Roasted Edamame

Edamame, or whole soybeans, provides protein and nutrients without the sugar rush.

Ambition Bar Masala Chai

Anyone on a vegan diet will appreciate these bars, which are naturally caffeinated with black tea and provide 4 grams of protein.

Jicachips Jicama Chips Cinnamon Sugar

Sliced, dried jicama root is a flavor-filled healthy snack, especially when combined with rich cinnamon.

Annie’s Organic Snack Mix

Snack mixes full of pretzels and crackers are extra special when shaped like bunnies and made from simple, organic ingredients.

Umpqua Oats Fruit & Nuts Kick Start

Healthy, thick-cut oats with plenty of dried berries and nuts are the perfect mid-morning or any-time-of-day snack.

Corporate Essentials Snack Box

You may not have thought that a little thing like healthy snack delivery service could do so much good. Nevertheless, it can! At Corporate Essentials, the Snack Box Initiative aims to improve businesses and their employees, one snack at a time.

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