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Your office is packed full of amazing talent, dedicated professionals and great ideas – they deserve the best corporate coffee service you can find.

But if you are struggling with finding a way to separate the best of the best from the mediocre of the office coffee world, have no fear – the expert team at Corporate Essentials has whipped up this delectable list of seven things that sets an office coffee service apart in New York City.

1. Quality Offerings

First, think carefully about the quality of the products in the coffee service’s portfolio. Most office coffee providers offer a reasonable variety of products, but the notion of “quality” is highly subjective.

What you have to do is determine how well the products on offer fit with the expectations of your teams. A couple of national brands sprinkled into a raft of no-name products are unlikely to appease the masses.

2. Variety of Products

While quality counts, it is equally important to find a corporate coffee service with a scintillating variety of good options. Look for seasonal offerings, alternatives to coffee, cold beverages and snack options that employees might enjoy.

When you are considering the variety of products on offer, be sure to take note of the kinds of equipment the corporate coffee service supplies – being able to cater for crowds in your building is a huge part of meeting expectations for an office coffee service.

3. Service Flexibility

Also on the topic of meeting expectations, be sure to consider the terms and conditions for your corporate coffee service carefully. Knowing you can scale the regular office coffee order up or down to accommodate special events is a huge advantage for your business, saving both time and money when those big annual functions are looming on the calendar.

4. Reliability of Service

In addition to a solid selection of great beverage options, a great coffee service for your NYC office should have a reputation for excellent customer service. That means they are contactable, easy to communicate with and have clear delivery options.

Weigh reviews, feedback and recommendations carefully when it comes to office coffee delivery services as the hassle of having to rearrange your day to run to the market and pick up six pounds of whatever coffee is on sale because the delivery guy failed to show again is definitely greater than the minor inconvenience of doing a little research at the beginning of your corporate coffee relationship.

5. Updates for Equipment

We touched on the importance of office coffee equipment briefly before, and we are mentioning it again now because your office coffee maker is the linchpin in one of the most mission-critical systems your company has.

Look into the kinds of coffee machines on offer; discuss the training, maintenance and repair options available; and, most of all, be sure that you can make drinks to satisfy the thirst of the majority of your staff with the equipment available through your chosen corporate coffee service.

6. Personality

When you choose a provider for any service, it is important that their vision for providing that service aligns well with your own vision for the role that service plays in your workplace.

Corporate coffee services are setting the tone for your employees interactions with one another, laying a foundation for your relationships with new clients and welcoming old friends back into your building on a daily basis. This is why it is vital that the coffee service you choose for your NYC office has an image that blends seamlessly with your own company’s persona – giving an air of quality, unity and dedication without hogging the limelight.

7. Passion

We really have save the best for last here, because in the world of food and drink people tend to have strong opinions. If you are talking to a corporate coffee service provider that lacks a true passion for the products they are offering, chances are those products are less than spectacular.

Seek out an office coffee expert that can inspire you to make the best choices for your workplace – after all, it is much easier to unite your teams and spread positivity if someone who believes in the goods has provided them to you in the first place.

When your company is ready to take the leap and join forces with a corporate coffee service that can confidently tick these seven must-have boxes, and then some, contact the team of corporate coffee aficionados at Corporate Essentials. Our coffee experts are poised to help you navigate the world of corporate coffee to enhance your workplace culture for the better.

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Joe Simonovich

Joe has a strong background in marketing and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). The start to his career as a customer service representative has given him a unique foundation and different perspective on almost all business-related situations. Joe is now the Chief Growth Officer (and Director of Creating Awesomeness) at Corporate Essentials. He brings a unique skill set and a hands-on approach to any leadership role and believes that hustle is simply a way of life.