Corporate Essentials is excited to introduce EvyTea as our exclusive Cold Brew Tea on Tap partner. EvyTea joins our own Essential Coffee Company Cold Brew Coffee, Wandering Bear Cold Brew Coffee, Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee and GT’s Kombucha as part of our “On Tap” offering.

What is Cold Brew Tea?

Cold brew tea is created using nearly the same exact process as cold brew coffee, but uses tea leaves instead. It takes hours to extract the tea’s richness, and produce a much smoother, naturally sweet taste. Unlike most iced teas, cold brew tea is very fragrant, creating a more complex, more flavorful tea-drinking experience.

Cold brewing produces a lighter-bodied tea with less astringency and bitterness, as this method draws out fewer tannic compounds. EvyTea is one of the very first cold brew tea brands to hit the market, and the first available from Corporate Essentials.

EvyTea Cold Brew Tea is dispensed from a keggerator using nitrogen. It is commonly paired in offices with a black, cold brew coffee, which is also dispensed using nitrogen.

Cold Brew Tea DOES NOT contain:

  • Sugar
  • Bitterness
  • An unpleasant, grassy aftertaste

We will be offering four varieties of EvyTea Cold Brew Tea, including two different black tea varieties, one green tea and one white tea. Since launching the EvyTea Black Tea with Earl Grey & Vanilla last Fall, it has quickly become a customer favorite, and in recent taste tests, the other three varieties have also scored high praise.

Here’s the full EvyTea Cold Brew Tea lineup:

Black Tea with Earl Grey & Vanilla

  • The addition of vanilla accents the subtle flavors of this classic British black tea, complete with a signature hint of Bergamot orange.

Black Tea with Strawberry & Basil

  • Silky Ceylon black tea combined with juicy strawberry and basil.  Fruity and fun, this is an all time EvyTea favorite.

Toasty Green Tea with Lemongrass

  • Caramel-like roasted green tea blended with tropical lemongrass, this is a summertime love story light in caffeine and bursting with antioxidants.

White Tea with Lavender & Chamomile

  • Earthy White Tea pairs perfectly with aromatic lavender and gentle chamomile. Crisp, refreshing, and totally thirst quenching.

In addition to the regular EvyTea lineup, Corporate Essentials will be launching a seasonal cold brew tea offering.

If you’d like more information on EvyTea Cold Brew Tea, or any of our on tap offerings, please send us an email.
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