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Rachel and Jiyoon Han are the Mother/Daughter Q Grader Duo™ behind every coffee that gets served at Bean & Bean. Since their beginnings on Manhattan’s Rector Street & Broadway in 2008, they have expanded their operation to four locations, with their latest roastery expansion in Queens, New York.

Bean & Bean’s commitment to improving the world is just as great as the quality of its  coffee. Rachel and Jiyoon source only organic and fair trade certified™ coffee to prioritize environmental sustainability and fair compensation for farmers.

Gourmet NYC Coffee That’s Bridging the Gap

For over 15 years, Bean & Bean’s unwavering dedication to bridging the gender pay gap throughout the value chain has spoken volumes to the quality of their product. Despite comprising half of the coffee workforce, women earn significantly less than their male counterparts. Together with their partners, Bean & Bean aims for women to get their fair share in all facets of the coffee brewing process.

Currently more than half of all of Bean & Bean coffee is woman-powered, with a goal of sourcing as much woman-powered coffee as possible. The owners hope their faithfulness to their product and message inspires change in those who enjoy a cup of their coffee.

Bean & Bean’s Local Coffee – Featured Roasts

At Corporate Essentials, we are beyond excited to partner with this local roaster to highlight their wonderful story and message by bringing coffee to businesses throughout the NY/NJ market. As part of that effort, we are highlighting three of their Fair Trade Organic blends that are sure to exceed your office coffee expectations.

Peru Las Damas

Dive into this complex cup and treat yourself to tasting notes of fresh fruits, chocolate and caramel. The great body and balance of this coffee is the result of the progressive Cooperativa Agraria Frontera San Ignacio (COOPAFSI).

Downtown Blend

Created in 2008, the Downtown Blend coffee is a mix of beans from three continents: the soft sweetness and fruity acidity of Latin America, the elegant and gentle floral aromas of Africa, and earthy undertones of Asia. Medium-roasted, their blend has tasting notes of roasted nuts, cedar and lemongrass. For more than 12 years the Mom and Daughter duo have been passionate in perfecting this original and well-balanced blend.

Indonesia Sumatra

For a full bodied, earthy, and rich flavorful coffee with a tangy finish that will make you roar with excitement, the Indian Sumatra blend is the perfect fit. From the natural wonder of the Sumatran rainforest, this coffee embodies the majestic diversity and complexity of its birthplace.

The Koperasi Pedagang Kopi Ketiara is a women-run cooperative that has over 890 grower-members. The commitment of the cooperative’s women managers to have all members working together in support of coffee production has allowed them to expand and become a vital supplier to larger coffee traders in Medan, North Sumatra’s capital. The cooperative members voted to become Organic and Fair Trade certified in 2012, making a pledge to use these proceeds to create beneficial programs that will support all co-op members.

We encourage you to try Bean & Bean Coffee this March during Women’s History Month but we’re sure that the coffee will be in constant rotation for the months ahead. Our coffee experts are here to help you fuel your team with the right coffee to keep them energized throughout the day, including high-quality coffees from independent roasters. Contact us today to see how we can elevate your office coffee service options at your New York, Manhattan or New Jersey workplace.

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