If New York’s office workers have one thing in common, it is an unquenchable thirst for the best office coffee on the planet. We say this not only because quality matters, but also because quantity speaks volumes: New Yorkers drink on average seven times the amount of coffee that an ordinary American consumes during their workday.

Today the caffeine fiends at Corporate Essentials are drip-feeding you the low down on the little things that make up the best cups of office coffee in town.

Better Beans

While coffee is enjoyed all over the world over, the bulk of coffee beans are grown in just a few regions near the equator throughout the globe. Working with a great office coffee service should give you a connection to premium bean growers the world over – which means better coffee in your cup on a daily basis.

The Right Roast

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they grab coffee for the office coffee machine is failing to get the roast that best suits the equipment on hand – and the collective palate of the people they are serving. A crash course in the characteristics of the standard coffee roasts is:

  • Light roasts: pale brown beans with no visible oil spots, light roast coffee has a stronger acid profile and a “toasted” flavor. Light roast beans also have the highest caffeine content.
  • Medium roasts: these are a medium brown color, typically lacking in oil spots and often more substantial than lightly roasted beans. Medium roast is still quite high in caffeine, which makes it popular for “Breakfast Roast” coffee flavors.
  • Mid-dark roasts: a richer brown color, often speckled with an oily sheen, medium or mid-dark roast beans produce a heavier coffee with a rich flavor profile.
  • Dark roasts: finally, dark roasts are often nearly black and typically have an oily appearance. Some dark roasts will yield coffee that has a smoky flavor profile – others may be deemed “burnt” tasting by people in your office.

Hopefully, that helps you make a more informed decision about the specific coffees you are selecting for your break room. When in doubt, always consult with your coffee service account handler – these people are experts, and definitely capable of making recommendations that will improve your overall office coffee experience.

A Great Grind

The magic that is coffee happens when water passes through the grains of your chosen coffee beans at just the right temperature, in the right proportions, for the right amount of time. While you can not always control all of those variables, choosing the right grind for your specific beans and machine should be easy with the help of your office coffee service.

Similarly, selecting an office coffee machine that is capable of brewing at specific temperatures can make all the difference between your office visitors raving about the best coffee they have had at a meeting to whispering in the lift after the fact about how they should have stopped at the café up the street after all.

Freshness at the Forefront

The number one thing you can do to guarantee your office has the best coffee available is working to find a connection to your local coffee roasters that enables you to get fresh beans delivered at regular intervals. Fresh office coffee is the best office coffee – it really is that simple.

Working with local suppliers ensures your coffee does not linger long between being roasted and being served in your break room. Keeping track of your delivery schedule helps you avoid the break room scourge that is stale coffee.

Perfect Presentation

One last little thing to consider when you are working to assemble the best office coffee for your NYC break room, is how you are presenting the joy that is coffee. Consider the showcase your break room offers staff – the experience of having office coffee should be enjoyable for your teams.

Even the best office coffee cannot salvage a break room that is essentially a damp closet in the basement. So consider brightening the atmosphere, adding modern office coffee equipment and supplies or even adding a splash of variety to your break room menu.

Having drunk in all there is to know about the five keys to a perfect cup of office coffee, we realize that there might be further questions. If you have a thirst for more knowledge or assistance in making sure your office has coffee that makes the grade, contact our friendly team of office coffee experts. With going on twenty years of experience providing the best office coffee to some of the city’s top firms, we are confident we have the answers to all your coffee questions.

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