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Knowing there is a wonderful cup of coffee waiting for you in the office can be one of the best motivating factors for those of us who get stuck in a nasty commute. You don’t have to add “stop for coffee” to the list of things you are struggling to accomplish.

You can relax knowing that within a few short minutes of arriving at work you can kick-start your assault on the day with a hot, fresh cup of the best office coffee around.

It saves you, your coworkers and ultimately your company time – and we all know time is money, which means it really does pay to have the best office coffee for your New York City or New Jersey place of business. Not quite convinced? Let us elaborate on five of our favorite benefits of having the best office coffee.

Hydrated, Energized and Motivated

Your team works hard. Often due to the pressures of important projects, approaching deadlines or other elements beyond their control, your staff end up working through lunch and other breaks they’d otherwise take.

Breaks are important because they encourage us to defocus our eyes, stand up and move around, look outside our grey cube world and drink something. Laying on a spread of the best office coffee products available not only encourages staff to take a break, but it improves their ability to focus on their work.

Benefits of taking regular short breaks during the workday include:

  • Improved concentration, alertness and pace of work.
  • Relief from muscle tension caused by the “desk pose” most of us work in.
  • Reduced eye strain.

Add that short list the general benefits of hydration, sprinkle on the health perks to drinking coffee and it is easy to see that your staff are better off if they get up from their seats once in a while. Providing the best office coffee possible gives your team a leg up in a competitive world – one where they can feel the quick boost of re-hydration, grab a delicious hit of caffeine, have a laugh with a colleague, then really refocus on their work with a new-found clarity.

Everyone Saves Money

The best office coffee setups allow employees to enjoy top-quality coffee products without spending a penny. Plenty of offices provide great coffee at a generously subsidized price. In any case, what you are weighing here is the real knock-on value of your investment in an office coffee service.

First, and most obviously, whichever sort of office coffee system you opt for, your employees are saving actual cash. Gone are the days of the $4 latte from Starbucks or the café around the corner. Instead, your team gets hot, fresh coffee on site when they need it.

Which brings us to the second, harder-to-quantify savings element to providing the best office coffee for your staff – you save time. Whether it is a delay in getting to work because the coffee shop up the road was slammed with conference delegates, the downtime caused when two staff have to run out and gather coffee orders for everyone in that big 11 o’clock meeting or the time that is lost more passively when people need a cup of Joe but no one wants to run out and get it, your team’s coffee needs will be met swiftly, at the point of need.

The return on investment for money spent on office coffee services really ramps up when you consider the boost to overall productivity that comes with having the best office coffee on site.

Fuel Office Culture

We touched on this before, but the benefit of cultivating office culture by providing amazing office coffee cannot be overstated. Creating a space where your employees can come together and enjoy sustenance has its roots deep in cultures around the world. Why? Because sharing really is caring.

Giving your teams a reason to intermingle on a daily basis, to discuss something more than the report they are trying to get off of their desk, to exchange ideas and opinions and just get to know one another is a tremendous asset to your firm. Potential benefits to the workplace as a result of developing office coffee culture include:

  • An upswing in time-saving initiatives as staff find ways to streamline tasks multiple people were doing.
  • Increased flexibility in meeting demands through cross-departmental working.
  • Reduced stress thanks to the time and money staff can save from an on-site coffee service.
  • Improved morale from getting to know colleagues and feeling more valued in the workplace.
  • A clearer feeling of “belonging” to the team that is your workplace, thanks to a shared environment where all staff can have their most basic (and delicious) hydration needs met.

Impress Your Guests

Wooing clients can be an expensive business, but if you have the best office coffee already in your office, why run around looking for something better? Similarly, there is little worse than visiting an office and being offered a cup of coffee only to receive some warm black sludge that is more fit for patching a road than drinking.

Putting potential clients, future employees, consultants and other office guests through a game of “coffee roulette” every time they visit will do nothing to endear your firm to their list of “good stops” in their common routines. However, providing a consistently delicious cup of high-quality office coffee can do wonders for your reputation as a good host.

Support Local Coffee Roasters

Plenty of firms these days trade on their “local roots” but few opt to source local products for their offices. The fact is, here in New York we are fortunate to have an amazing selection of genuinely local, home-grown coffee roasters peppered throughout our neighborhoods.

Experts in the world of office coffee delivery, like Corporate Essentials, have spent years exploring the area and learning the local coffee scene – this means they are poised to bring you the best of what the local coffee market has to offer. Supporting local artisan roasters helps your business make a clear statement about your commitment to the neighborhood. Your investment in local coffee companies gives you access to the freshest flavors available.

Having the best office coffee around has its privileges – happy staff, a bustling local economy and a legendary reputation for the best break room in town are only a few. If you are ready to discuss how you can get the best office coffee delivered right to your door, contact the team of experts at Corporate Essentials, with close to two decades in the office coffee service industry, we can help you to start serving the best coffee.

Joe Simonovich

Joe has a strong background in marketing and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). The start to his career as a customer service representative has given him a unique foundation and different perspective on almost all business-related situations. Joe is now the Chief Growth Officer (and Director of Creating Awesomeness) at Corporate Essentials. He brings a unique skill set and a hands-on approach to any leadership role and believes that hustle is simply a way of life.