When push comes to shove you can choose to motivate your people with the carrot or the stick – one solution that provides untold benefits in addition to improved team spirit. Providing the best office coffee in town makes a huge difference to everyone in the building. We have discussed at length the ways a better office coffee culture can improve group work, individual motivation, cross-departmental collaboration and office morale.

And today, the team here at Corporate Essentials is going to reinforce a few of the key points surrounding the awesome power of great office coffee and your team’s functionality. This quick read will take a look at four areas all teams can use a boost in, and explain how office coffee plays an important role in making our teams the best they can be.

No More Lazy Days

Whether your office falls victim to the dreaded post-lunch slump or just has trouble getting up and running in the morning, offering the best office coffee gives the people in your team a jumping off point to refresh themselves. There is a bounty of actual scientific data out there supporting the notion that coffee, and other caffeinated beverages, offer a genuine boost to those who consume them. Here is how:

  • Neurological: caffeine bumps up the levels of serotonin, dopamine and acetylcholine whizzing around your brain. These are responsible for helping you concentrate, focus and remain alert. It also blocks adenosine receptors, which are guilty of making you feel sleepy.
  • Physiological: caffeine helps boost both metabolism and circulation, and encourages more efficient muscle contraction. This actually leads to being able to exercise without feeling as wiped out from your efforts.

While the amount of caffeine people consume is ultimately a personal choice, and there are obviously hazards associated with serious overuse of caffeinated products, the fact is adding the best office coffee to your break room gives your team a genuine pick me up on dreary days; encouraging them to kick their doldrums in the tail and get back to work, more alert and capable than they may have been before taking their well-deserved break.

Better Team Spirit

Another big obstacle for teams can be a dwindling feeling of team spirit. Whether your team just stinks at trivia night or has faced a series of difficult deadlines, offering the best office coffee in NYC is a great way to be sure that your people have a reason to get together and engage with one another.

Anecdotal evidence stretching back centuries will show you that people who eat and drink together find things in common with one another, and they develop a sense of community and bond to one another on a more personal level than those who exist purely to share a fax machine or photo copier ever could. This is because we need to eat and drink – sharing our space and time (and amazing snacks and beverages) to nourish our bodies is inherently personal.

The office break room provides a neutral area where everyone can come to get what they need, particularly if they need a little extra something to make it through the day. An additional boon to providing the best office coffee is that you can engage your team in the fun of coffee culture by providing tasting events, inviting their input regarding product selections, engaging them in friendly tasting competitions and encouraging them to give one another a hand when it comes to learning the ropes of new equipment or exploring new taste offerings. All of these come together to provide something you would struggle to put a price tag on: team spirit.

Newfound Enthusiasm

This is a huge bonus for companies where the office coffee has only ever consisted of a scary old drip pot in the corner that may or may not have been used in the last few years. Please, do not be ashamed if that coffee pot belongs to your company. After all, Corporate Essentials is here to help.

Whether you find yourself in the unique position of being able to bring in an entirely new office coffee experience or you are upgrading an existing office break room to carry better coffee options for staff, you are embarking on a great adventure and your staff will be thrilled to take part.

Similar to some of the points we touched on in the team spirit section above, finding innovative ways to get your staff involved with all the potential the best office coffee brings your workplace is a tremendous opportunity. You will find that staffers feel rewarded on a number of levels, and that positive feeling feeds on into their daily work, team operations and the overall feeling of morale throughout the building. Consider engaging your teams in the office coffee selection and setup by:

  • Surveying: both in the initial “what should we get for a new office coffee setup” way, and in the ongoing “which seasonal varieties would you most enjoy in the break room” sense, encouraging staff to give their two cents to the decisions about office coffee gives them a buy-in to the overall concept. This encourages their ongoing involvement and allows them to feel a point of pride when they notice others benefiting from the amazing coffee your office has on offer.
  • Celebrating: creating a series of fun events for staff, focused on the ever-evolving office coffee menu can be a great way to encourage teams to interact together. Stage launch parties for new equipment, special seasonal flavors or simpler sample/tasting events that all staff can participate in, and soon you will see that the buzz builds itself where the best office coffee is concerned.

Healthier Attitudes

One of the greatest perks of providing the best office coffee is that your teams are healthier for it. In addition to the general benefits of having on-demand caffeine in the office for those who need it and do not have the time to run down the road and wait at the local café for a cup of Joe, you are providing one of the most basic necessities of our human existence – hydration.

Well hydrated employees are able to focus better, miss less work due to simple ailments like headaches, have a better overall state of health, make fewer mistakes and generally radiate awesome in more ways than we could possibly itemize in a single blog post.

What we can say with certainty is that providing the best office coffee gives all team members a great reason to hop up and take a quick break now and then, encouraging better concentration and less potential musculoskeletal damage from being “stuck at a desk” all day. The change that the two simple acts of increased motion and hydration can bring to any team is tremendous.

When your office is ready to take the plunge into the world of office coffee, contact one of the industry’s top coffee gurus at Corporate Essentials. We have a raft of close on twenty years experience providing the best office coffee to NYC businesses, and we love putting that expertise to work making your teams as amazing as they are capable of being.

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