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Interested in Being Featured in Our Snack Box?

You can join us in our effort to provide offices with delicious snacks that everyone will love.

Millennial Snacking Habits

Capture the largest generation in the workforce by targeting the coveted millennial population. Almost the entirety of this generation is snacking in between meals and about half replace meals with a snack 4x per week – and this is all happening in the offices we service today.

Featured Product Placement

Provide us with samples and we’ll do the advertising for you! We’ll include a flyer of featured products in each box with images and descriptions to emphasize your product. This will allow for a direct dialogue with the end users – rather than just the retailers and wholesalers.

Customer Feedback

We include a QR code on all of our snack boxes linked to feedback surveys. We’ll get to know our customers’ likes, their dislikes, and report back to you each month!


Product favorites become repeat purchases. Customers will have the option to order online or connect with a sales representative to order in bulk for their office. Employees will have the opportunity to discover your brand in the office, and consequently, develop a sense of brand loyalty outside of the office.

Think Outside the Box.

Shelf space in brick-and-mortar food retailers is a premium commodity where the biggest snack brands monopolize the shelf space, limiting the opportunity for new brands to stand out and compete for market share.

Corporate Essentials has solved this problem for our product partners by allowing a subscription-based variety Snack Box™ that delivers affordable pricing structures, with an array of new and established snack brands uniquely curated for any office culture.

The Snack Box™ is an excellent opportunity to reach consumers in their place of business and a new opportunity to make a great first impression while on display with our complimentary (with subscription plans) snack rack.


Become a Snack Box Product Partner.