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No matter where you work in NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn or New Jersey, the business of getting things done is hectic. Sometimes that means the opportunities to grab something to nosh are few and far between, so being able to provide a cornucopia of familiar, satisfying office snacks to staff is definitely a bonus.

Choosing Your Office Snack

While all of us in New York City might like to run out to the High Line and grab a couple sticky pork rolls from Northern Spy, Corporate Essentials knows your busy staff needs accessible snacks that satisfy – now.

We’re happy to help with the task of keeping your workplace pantry stocked with the best office snacks available.

Classic Snacks for Businesses

The good thing about traditional office snacks is that people know what to expect when they open a bag of Lays or pick up a packet of Nabisco cookies.

The great thing about letting Corporate Essentials satisfy the hunger in your office is that those familiar brands are intermingled with a great selection of regional market leaders, like Utz and Tastykake, bringing a potential bite of something new to the table – or desk – of your hard-working New Jersey team members.

Snacks Help Bring Offices Together

There’s something to be said for the satisfying crunch of a hard pretzel – the way the salt lingers on the tongue, tantalizing your taste buds, opening the door to a flood of sourdough laced memories. The taste of nostalgia is powerful in providing a boost to creativity or a lift to the overall mood in the office.

Similarly, the act of sharing a snack enables coworkers to breakdown cooperative barriers that could otherwise prohibit a joint approach to problem solving – after all, everyone loves a quick fix of chocolate, and most people are happy to share.

You choose the items. We stock your shelves.
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positive workplace culture.

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