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Whether it’s carb loading for endurance during a late-night session to get that proposal finished, or a low-carb treat to keep those tummies from rumbling during the afternoon marketing sessions, having access to healthy office snacks is a great way to keep morale – and blood sugar – in check during the day.

Choosing a Healthy Office Snack

Sure, a basket of fresh seasonal produce or local gluten-free baked goods is a great option for some offices, but in most cases you need to cater to a wider variety of dietary needs and wants in your NYC, Brooklyn or Manhattan office.

Lower sodium, lower fat, high protein and high nutrient density are a matter of personal preferences and dietary needs. As a proactive manager, making healthy office snacks available in the workplace pantry is always a smart choice.

Variety is the Key

Because your workforce is diverse, so are their nutritional requirements. That’s why Corporate Essentials has hunted high and low to find a solid selection of healthy office snacks that cater to a wide range of tastes as well as dietary choices.

The only real constant in the world of health food is its ever-changing nature – and you’ll want to build an office snack collection that continues to meet the needs of your workers long after the latest health crazes have passed.

Choose from low-fat offerings like Snackwell cookies, sugar-free options like Heritage wafers and high-protein choices such as nuts or trail mix.

Powerful Nutrition

The battle of the bulge for many people is won or lost with those two o’clock cravings. Providing healthy office snacks including a selection of fresh fruit, dairy snacks and protein-rich treats, gives your team a number of options that squash hunger pangs.

The water, fiber and natural sugars in fruit provide an instant feeling of fullness that lasts. Similarly, the protein provided by yogurts, Babybel cheese and protein-enriched beverages like Muscle Milk, have proven staying power when it comes to crushing the urge to nibble on something in the middle of the afternoon.

Healthy and Delicious

One of the biggest challenges in providing healthy office snacks is the underlying idea that healthy food is boring, bland and tasteless. You can turn this notion on its head by making a selection of healthy office snacks available in the break room.

Add a little fun to the afternoon with Farley’s fat-free fruit snacks or the delicate crunch of Act II “Lite” Popcorn. Offer the satisfaction of a hearty bowl of Quaker Oatmeal Express or the savory crunch of Snyder’s Old Tyme Pretzels.

A variety of offerings that meet assorted dietary needs, and more importantly, satisfy those mid-afternoon cravings, are sure to please.

Fresh Fruit, Veggies and Dairy

Nothing says healthy snacks better than fresh fruit, veggies and dairy products. At Corporate Essentials, we receive fresh deliveries of your favorite fruit, veggies and dairy products on a daily basis. Whether you’re looking for baby carrots and hummus to satisfy the 3PM craving in the office or a protein-packed Greek yogurt to keep you full throughout the day, we’ve got what you need. As a part of our fresh fruit, veggie and dairy offerings, we make an effort to work with local farmers whenever possible.

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