Each of the premium Scanomat machines including TopBrewer, TopJuicer, and TopWater dispenses its own set of high-quality drinks. The name of each brewer paints a clear picture of which drinks it specializes in, but the best pick for your business comes down to the choices that you believe your employees or guests will favor. 

While the available beverages differ from one machine to another, many of the features outside of beverage choice remain the same. An example of this is each machine’s appealing, minimalist design. All of them have the signature swan neck tap while the main unit is tucked beneath the countertop. It’s an unassuming fixture that fits into any space with ease. 

Additionally, all three machines are compatible with CoffeeCloud, an advanced cloud management system and a realtime data tracker. Drink requests and CoffeeCloud are both controlled using the onboard iPad installed on the countertop, but a free mobile app can be downloaded to take advantage of its features while on-the-go. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of TopBrewer, TopJuicer, and TopWater to see which is the best fit for your business.

topbrewer, topjuicer & topwater - which is best for your businessTopBrewer

TopBrewer’s specialty lies in delivering excellent, premium coffee, but it can brew more than just the classic wake-up solution. A variety of great-tasting notes are only a few taps away. Just a few of the possible brewing methods include espresso, macchiato, caffé latte, and cappuccino. In addition, the TopBrewer can also create hot chocolate, warm milk, and carbonated water.

The onboard iPad connected to TopBrewer makes selecting your drink of choice a snap. With just a few taps and placement of your mug underneath the swan neck tap, you’ll find your selection brought to life in under a minute. Speaking of the versatile tap, we can’t forget to mention that it features the world’s smallest milk foamer. You may think it’s a hassle to keep any coffee brewer clean but fret not – TopBrewer maintenance is easy and simple.

You should consider TopBrewer if:
If you want an elegant and easy solution to coffee demand in the office. Warning – the break room might get busy! It’s also great for hotels and guest lounges.

topbrewer, topjuicer & topwater - which is best for your businessTopJuicer

Exclusive to TopJuicer, the machine makes classic morning beverages including apple juice and orange juice.  It can also dispense elderflower and exotic flavor juices, as well as chilled filtered water on demand. The sparkling unit is an optional installation, but adding this particular feature to your machine makes it possible to dispense sparkling choices of existing drinks.

Just like TopBrewer, the TopJuicer has an iPad connected to the main unit and rests on its countertop. Selecting your favorite choices is easy as expected, and the rapid brew speaks for itself. But check this out – TopJuicer is capable of making 300 cups per hour. Hotel employees seeking an easy juice solution for guests need to look no further.


You should consider TopJuicer if:
Your company frequently hosts breakfast gatherings or conferences. TopJuicer can make your business a memorable destination for guests! Or as mentioned earlier, it can be a great addition to any hotel or guest lounge setting.


topbrewer, topjuicer & topwater - which is best for your businessTopWater

TopWater is a great addition to businesses that already have TopBrewer or TopJuicer – but it can also act as a standalone unit. Considering the importance of drinking a healthy amount of water daily, TopWater’s utility can’t be discounted.

TopWater dispenses multiple drink types, consisting of cold, still and sparkling water options on tap. Water is necessary for all known life, so be sure to drink plenty of it! But in addition to giving us life’s most important ingredient, it also helps us reduce environmental waste.

TopWater’s on-tap capabilities eliminate the need for plastic water bottles, in turn cutting down on the office’s environmental impact. Just grab an empty glass or cup and enjoy! Additionally, there is a setting for filling a reusable water bottle rather than a disposable cup, helping reduce your carbon footprint even further.

You should consider TopWater if:
Is physical activity commonplace in the business? Are people hurriedly rushing to meetings each hour? TopWater can dispense drinks quickly and easily, providing necessary hydration at a moment’s notice. Even if daily work doesn’t require a lot of physical demand, staying hydrated is a key component to leading a healthy life. TopWater is a convenient water filtration solution!


You can’t go wrong with any of the options here. That said, deciding on which machine works best for your business is tricky, and we hope this breakdown helps in the decision-making process. TopBrewer, TopJuicer, and TopWater will all have a positive effect on daily work life. Whether Scanomat’s machines are needed for an office, retail or hospitality setting, each one makes a great addition to any space. They all have great design and easy operation in a minimalist and stylish package that will see plenty of use from both employees and guests!

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