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We’re back with Part Two of the ways TopBrewer can transform your office! In Part One,  we spilled the beans on the premium coffee used in TopBrewer, the machine’s overall ease of use, how its addition to the office can reinforce teamwork, and much more.

Read on to discover another six ways that TopBrewer can transform your office!


7. Thoughtful Design for Any Office

TopBrewer satisfies the interior designer in all of us. Its unassuming appearance makes it a great addition to any office, no matter where the machine is operated. Bonus points are rewarded if it fills an empty spot in the kitchen that encourages employees to gather for coffee!

The TopBrewer can stand alone or be integrated into existing equipment, giving you the freedom to choose how it fits into your current setup. But when it comes to illustrating TopBrewer’s appearance, the minimalist design needs to be mentioned – the countertop features a stainless steel swiveling tap, a drip tray beneath, and an iPad used for controlling the unit. It’s a modern, pleasing design that enhances any beautifully designed space.

Its placement makes the most out of any location. The design allows plenty of space, since the brewing unit is located beneath the countertop. When you consider how difficult it is to come by counter space in New York City, occupants likely want to be sure their appliances are worth the investment. The TopBrewer website offers an “Architect Package” that contains 2D and 3D files helpful for mapping out where users plan to install their own machine.


8. Reduce Environmental Impact

As more effort is made toward decreasing environmental impact, TopBrewer has taken steps to slash its carbon footprint. From the construction of the machine to overall company efforts, the following examples are just a few ways TopBrewer seeks to keep our planet sustainable.

TopBrewer takes advantage of modern recycling methods in its manufacturing, seeing as the coffee unit is made from 75% recycled steel. Additionally, it uses whole beans for brewing, not pods, cutting down on disposable waste. The brewer has a power-saving standby timer so that it uses a smaller amount of electricity when it isn’t in active use; to top it off, the machine has overall low energy consumption, drawing just 6 watts during standby.


9. Easy, Simple Cleanup

Coffee machines can quickly leave a mess if left unchecked – fortunately, the TopBrewer cleaning process couldn’t be easier. The step-by-step instructions outline a clear and concise picture of how to clean the coffee maker. But one neat addition that helps save time during the process is the self-cleaning nozzle.

The machine’s self-cleaning nozzle can work automatically when it isn’t in active use, minimizing chemical usage. A 2-minute clean cycle rinses both the brewer and milk lines, preventing ingredient buildup. To be absolutely certain the entire unit is clean, it is recommended that the milk nozzle is flushed regularly; but the frequency of this depends on how often drinks that contain milk are poured. The entire process takes all of 5-10 minutes.


10. Future-Proof Software

Placing TopBrewer firmly in line with the connected world, the iPad used for brewing drinks is capable of connecting to the internet in order to receive software updates or new features. Additionally, it tracks relevant data in real-time to give you everything you need to know about your machine at a moment’s notice. It can also share data through your preferred smart device using the CoffeeCloud application, available on iOS and Android. It’s helpful if you’re away and want to see how many drinks have been brewed, which ones are the most popular, or remind yourself when the TopBrewer should be cleaned.


11. CoffeeCloud – Giving You Freedom of Choice

The technology that tracks real-time analytics of TopBrewer is CoffeeCloud, an online service that enhances the coffee brewing experience. You may ask yourself, how can the coffee brewing experience possibly be improved? Well, that’s what we’re here to answer!

CoffeeCloud has a ton of capabilities that highlight TopBrewer as an industry leader.
Dubbed the ‘internet of coffee,’ CoffeeCloud gives users the ability to configure settings and preferences to their heart’s content, access a vast array of tracked analytics, customize favorite drinks and control brewing in just a few screen taps. But perhaps the most useful feature is its notification settings. CoffeeCloud can notify you when the TopBrewer’s coffee bean supply needs to be refilled, or when its next cleaning cycle is due.


12. Calling All Data Enthusiasts

For those who have a craving for statistics, the built-in drink counter within CoffeeCloud keeps track of the most popular beverages in your office. But that’s not all it can do, as the catalog of information can be viewed anywhere in real-time. These include a list of brewed drinks, the number of cups ordered, when and where they were brewed, when the machine was last cleaned, and so much more.

Fortunately, if you aren’t interested in others seeing this data, information can be restricted. TopBrewer’s website on the cloud service promises that “CoffeeCloud is secure and uses the latest encryption and certification standards. We take data security very seriously.” It’s all possible using CoffeeCloud.


Between parts one and two, these are just 12 ways TopBrewer can transform your office. It offers a quick, easy way for employees to get their premium coffee fix while improving work life as a whole. The accompanying CoffeeCloud online service brings additional improvements to TopBrewer, such as data tracking and maintenance notifications to make upkeep easy. It all blends together to form a better coffee brewing experience!

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