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The office is a significant place in people’s lives. After all, your employees spend much of their waking hours at work, helping see your business through yet another successful day.

One of the easiest ways you can boost employee morale is to offer healthy snacks for the work desk. This way, staff can decide whether to join colleagues in the break room or take a refueling break that lets them get right back to a pressing deadline.

Why Are Healthy Snacks at Work so Important?

Snacks laden with sugar or full of fat don’t give the body what it needs to power through the day. Instead of providing sustainable energy, these foods only result in the burst and bust that crops up by mid-afternoon.

This is difficult for the body to handle, so it’s no surprise your employees feel sluggish or unproductive by the time 2 p.m. rolls around. Ditch the slump and replace it with hours of increased productivity from your employees. See just how effective healthy snacks for the work desk can be.

1. Mary’s Gone Crackers Organic Original

Your employees will love these flavorful, simple crackers. The great news is that they are perfectly suited for those with wheat and gluten allergies.

2. Nature’s Bakery Strawberry Fig Bar

These fig bars are full of flavor and good ingredients, with a strawberry and fig filling surrounded by healthy whole grains. Staff will likely snatch up these goodies as soon as they arrive in the latest snack box delivery.

3. Classic Salt & Pepper AG Almonds

Almonds gently smoked over cherry, peach and almond wood are bound to be full of flavor dimensions. They’re also rich in protein, fiber and vitamin E, perfect for giving that healthy antioxidant boost.

4. Stretch Island Fruit Cherry Fruit Snack

What could be better than a strip of dried cherry puree? It’s the ultimate on-the-go snack for employees on a deadline. With just a few simple ingredients to its name, this Stretch Island fruit strip is fruity goodness in each bite.

5. The New Primal Free-Range Turkey Jerky Stick Classic

Turkey jerky is full of protein, and it even has a nice rhyme. Not everyone in the office wants to eat only fruits and veggies, which is why this jerky is the ideal compromise with its lean, healthy turkey meat.

6. R.e.d.d. Mint Chocolate Superfood Energy Bar

Mint and chocolate: it’s always a winning combination. This energy bar also features plenty of superfoods like goji berries, amla fruit, chia seeds and more, plus a yerba mate caffeine boost.

7. GoGo Squeez AppleApple

Your employees will love how they can eat applesauce without a spoon. The apple is the original version, full of healthy pureed apples and nothing else.

8. Ambition Bar Matcha Happiness

Matcha green tea gives a sustainable boost of caffeine, which could be just the thing for employees hard at work. When you need to order snacks for the work desk, look no further than this grain-free, gluten-free bar rich in protein.

9. LUNA Bar Lemon Zest

LUNA bars are whole nutrition bars, chock full of the healthy vitamins and minerals your staff needs to succeed. Plus, lemon zest gives them a refreshing burst of flavor.

10. Sensible Portions Veggie Straws

For a healthier, non-greasy potato snack, look no further. Veggie Straws are flavored with real tomatoes and spinach, without the filler of many other brands.

11. World Peas Santa Barbara Ranch Bags

For different snacks for the work desk, order some of these sour-cream-and-herb-flavored dried peas. They have plenty of protein sure to help your staff overcome the 2 p.m. slump.

12. Element Milk Chocolate Rice Cakes

Light and nutty rice cakes dipped in milk chocolate provide the ideal pick-me-up. When your employees see these snacks, they’ll be eager to sample them right then and there.

13. Jackson Honest Sweet Potato Chips

These fresh-cut sweet potato slices are cooked in healthy coconut oil, offering up a unique yet oh-so-satisfying snack.

14. Nothin But Chocolate Coconut Almond

These snack bars have hints of espresso, cinnamon, and sea salt for the perfect blend of flavors. Your employees will surely enjoy the simple ingredients that provide a burst of energy.

15. Pressed by KIND Pineapple Banana Kale Spinach Bars

A delicious fruit and vegetable snack option, Pressed by KIND bars will give employees plenty of reasons to wait for the monthly subscription box.

16. Annie Chun’s Wasabi Seaweed Snacks

If your staff members love food with a spicy kick, they’ll definitely want to sample these roasted seaweed snacks topped with fiery wasabi powder.

17. Organic Beef Mighty Bar, Bacon & Apple

These snacks aren’t jerky, so those with tender teeth will find much to love. Grass-fed beef mixed with fresh apples and bacon provides plenty of nutrients for all-day energy.

18. Vita Organic Cacao Minis

Cacao bites are just the right size for those with a sweet tooth for chocolate. Plus, dark chocolate means they aren’t high in sugar.

19. Bear Raspberry Fruit Yoyos

Fruit rolls without the sugar and other filler ingredients mean plenty of healthy fruits to enjoy. Your employees will even love the fun packaging.

20. Mediterranean Baked Lentil Chips Rosemary

Healthy snacks for the work desk don’t need to be bland offerings. These lentil chips even have a refreshing dash of rosemary spice.

About Corporate Essentials

Your employees deserve to know they matter, and that their efforts help foster strength in the overall company culture. Healthy office snacks can get them there. Start your monthly subscription to the Snack box Initiative by Corporate Essentials today.

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