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You add it to your morning smoothie, or maybe grab one to eat in the car on your way to work. But did you know bananas are a “superfood”? And that those little brown spots on your banana after a day or two mean that your banana’s antioxidants are ramping up their effectiveness?

Don’t worry – we’ve compiled some fun facts about your everyday office snack to keep you in the know about your fruits and veggies.

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Lori Puri

Lori’s strong love of people and the diversity each individual brings to the table first struck her interest in marketing. After completing her MBA with concentrations in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Syracuse University, Lori has spent time building and growing brands. As Corporate Essentials’ Marketing Manager, Lori hopes to bring the company’s unique “Fuel Culture. Work Happy.” philosophy to the working world, and help companies attract and retain a passionate, balanced workforce.