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Not everyone has time to whip up a gourmet breakfast each morning. In fact, more and more employees prefer to eat on the go or else graze on light meals throughout the day. What does that mean for breakfast? It means healthy, quick-to-make and quick-to-eat foods perfect for the office.

The Importance of Healthy Food at the Office

Breakfast helps prep your employees for a day of accomplishments, but these days the meals are decidedly lighter, more nutrient-dense and quicker to digest. You can boost staff morale and help your employees achieve their personal best when you provide nutritious foods and inspiration for healthy office breakfast ideas. Here are 15 ideas to get you started!

1. Make It a Burrito Morning

Start the day with Amy’s Breakfast Burrito. All your employees need to do is warm the burrito in the microwave, and in just a few minutes they’ll have a healthy vegetarian meal. A cup of fresh coffee or tea, such as Tazo Awake Black Tea or Organa Berry White Tea, would complement it perfectly.

2. Enjoy a Bowl of Graham Crunch Cereal

Some people prefer a lighter breakfast, which is why Cascadian Farms Graham Crunch Cereal fits the bill. Have a variety of milk options available, such as 1% milk and almond milk. Employees might also like a fresh smoothie such as Naked Juice Berry Blast.

3. Shake Up Some Protein

If employees prefer to drink their breakfast, offer them a healthy protein shake like OWYN Smooth Vanilla Protein Drink. It features kale, spinach, broccoli and vanilla bean, and it is non-dairy as well.

4. Choose Gluten-Free Oats

Employees with gluten intolerance will appreciate having gluten-free oatmeal like Glutenfreeda Instant Oatmeal as a healthy office breakfast idea. While oats are technically free of gluten, they often encounter other grains during manufacturing. That’s why gluten-free oatmeal is the best choice for your diet-sensitive staff.

5. Toast Up a Bagel

Toasted Cinnamon Raisin Bagels, Wheat Bagels or Plain Bagels topped with healthy, raw Kirkland Organic Honey will help staff fuel up for another day. Alternatively, your employees could spread on Woodstock Crunchy Almond Butter for extra flavor.

6. Enjoy Some Probiotics

Suja Daybreak Probiotic is a healthy way to drink up some gut-friendly probiotics and get daily hydration off to a good start. Combine with some delicious oatmeal-in-a-cup, such as Umpqua Oats Fruit & Nuts Kick Start.

7. Go Crazy With Greek Yogurt

Full of protein, Greek yogurt is just the thing to get your employees ready for another day. Chobani Greek Yogurt Variety Pack offers plenty of flavors to appeal to all tastes. Finish the bowl by sprinkling on Bob’s Red Mill Chia Seeds and slicing up a fresh banana.

8. Enjoy a Breakfast Sandwich

In just a few minutes, your employees can have a fresh, delicious breakfast sandwich. All they need to do is fry up an organic egg, toast an English muffin and put it all together, complete with sliced tomatoes and cheese, such as Applegate Swiss Cheese or Applegate Medium Cheddar Cheese.

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9. Join the Avocado Toast Trend

Avocados are rich in many nutrients, including potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C and iron. Toast some bread, such as Anthony & Sons 15 Grain Bread, Udi’s Gluten Free White Bread or Sprouted Ezekiel Flax Bread, mash up an avocado, and spread it around. Your staff could add another topping or eat it as is for a nutrient-rich breakfast.

10. Scramble Some Eggs

For a healthy office breakfast idea that takes no more than five minutes, your employees could scramble two to three organic eggs and add their choice of toppings, such as avocado, grape tomato, spinach, Organic Valley Feta Cheese or something else entirely.

11. Go Light With Sweet Rolls and Fruit

For a super quick breakfast, consider stocking the break room with brioche rolls and fruit such as blackberries, Granny Smith apples, blueberries and red grapes.

12. Fuel Up With Chia

If your employees have back-to-back meetings, they’ll need something with long-lasting energy. Del Monte Pears in Blackberry Flavored Chia fits that need perfectly. Employees could add a toasted English muffin with Justin’s Classic Almond Butter, creating a healthy office breakfast idea with plenty of flavor.

13. Make a Porridge Pudding

For a quick and hearty breakfast, what could be easier than a bowl of porridge? Nature’s Path Oatmeal Optimum Zen is full of healthy ingredients like wheat bran and quinoa seeds, and it’s high in fiber too. Staff could make the porridge extra creamy with Califia Unsweetened Almond Milk, Organic Valley 1% Milk or OAT-LY Oatmilk.

14. Pour Some Wheat Biscuit Cereal

Kashi Organic Promise Autumn Wheat Cereal is the perfect solution when your employees need something quick, filling and naturally sweet. These wheat biscuits are high in fiber and whole grains. To give the cereal an extra touch of sweetness, add fresh fruit on top.

15. Make a Yogurt Parfait

Easy and delicious, yogurt parfaits are as varied as they come. All your employees need to do is pour half a single-serve cup of yogurt into a bowl, top with granola like Bear Naked Fruit and Nut Granola, add the remainder of the yogurt, top with more granola, and finish with fruit like blackberries, raspberries or blueberries.

Final Thoughts

Help your employees prepare for success when you provide them with top-quality ingredients. Healthy office breakfast ideas become a reality with the Corporate Essentials online catalog and snack box delivery service.

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