A major advantage of serving the New York market is our proximity to unique, local specialty coffee roasters. Our team of experts is always on the lookout for partnerships that will best serve our customers’ needs. When we met Samantha Lutzer, owner of “The Pantry” in the Hudson Valley, it was a perfect match.

The Pantry


It all started in 2011 when Sam opened “Daily Press” in Bed-Stuy as the first specialty coffee shop in the area. After relocating to the Hudson Valley with her husband, Lutzer saw an opportunity to bring specialty coffee from New York City to the area.

Sam Lutzer opened The Pantry in 2013 in Cold Springs, NY. Beginning as a multi-roaster shop, her team brought in a range of specialty coffees from roasters like Joe, Blue Bottle, Cafe Grumpy and more. In 2015, they began roasting in-house under The Pantry’s private label. All of their coffees are light to medium roasts, creating a thoughtful portfolio bringing out the natural flavors of the coffee.

A cup of coffee from The Pantry showcases sweet, fruity and adventurous tasting notes, rather than what the standard customer may be used to. To do this, The Pantry has established trust and lasting relationships with farmers all over the globe to continuously source the finest beans. Their coffee is small-batch roasted, Fair Trade, and completely traceable, making sure people are paid fairly along the way. Sam and her team really focus on promoting community and enjoy having people come together to enjoy a great cup of coffee. They are truly pioneering third wave coffee in the Hudson Valley.

Our Exclusive Partnership


Corporate Essentials has partnered with The Pantry to bring two locally roasted, single-origin coffees exclusively to our customers at an attainable price.

Colombia Macizo del Guarapas: milk chocolate, sweet & clean


Colombia Macizo del GuarapasColombia

The Macizo del Guarapas cooperative consists of 92 small farms in the southern Huila region of Colombia. The cooperative is named in honor of the mountain range and river that runs through the area and acts as a source of approximately 70% of Colombia’s potable water.

The lower density of the coffee crop here (most farms have fewer than 4,000 trees per hectare) combined with the relatively colder environment and extensive shade in the area contribute to lower-than-average crop yield. These characteristics, however, also contribute to a beautiful cup profile.

Guatemala San Jose Poaquil: baker’s chocolate, caramel & mellow sweetness

The San Jose Paoquil municipality in Guatemala’s Western Highlands suffered greatly with widespread violence like many other municipalities in the area during the early 1980’s. In an effort to improve living conditions in the area, HRNS (a nonprofit foundation formed by the Neumann family) began efforts to promote entrepreneurship, strengthen farmers’ business practices and improve farmers’ access to markets and essential services among other goals for 1,031 families in the area.

Guatemala San Jose Poaquil

HRNS’s Head of Sustainability, Erika Tran, with Jose Israel Morales, coffee farmer and president of the Asuncion Cooperative, and his family 

Since the project’s start, the area has had a 56% increase in coffee yields, and an added value of 28%. Additionally, by January 2018, 1,124 hectares were under sustainable management and 58% of women now participate in farm groups and organizations.

Be sure to ask your Account Manager or Customer Service Representative about adding these new offerings to your next order!

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