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Over the next few weeks, we’ll introduce options on making a great cup of coffee from several premium coffee machines. From finding your preferred roast to choosing the perfect coffee maker, this guide will help enrich your daily cup. 

Of course, our talented and highly skilled service team is there during every step of the process if you require assistance. This series of posts is here to educate you on everything you need to know to brew a great cup of coffee! 

Traditional Brewing

Before we became accustomed to automated coffee,
traditional brewing was the standard. There are multiple methods of traditional brewing, but one popular process involves using a separate machine that exclusively grinds coffee beans to ensure its freshness. The ground coffee is then inserted into a brewer that soaks it with heated water to extract the flavor. Using a separate grinder gives users flexible control over their grind and allows them to use any amount of beans and water for the brew. 

For traditional coffee machine owners that wish to avoid this process, a different option exists to provide a solution. Enter the fraction pack or frac-pack; it’s a measured pouch of ground coffee beans that consistently deliver great taste. The best perk of using these is that you don’t need to worry about grinding your coffee beans. Using frac-packs means you don’t need a bean grinder at all.

One company that works alongside Corporate Essentials to bring frac-packs to our customers is City of Saints Coffee Roasters, a local roaster with shops in New Jersey and New York. Other great sources for frac-packs can be found within the Java Café Coffee Collection, featuring a list of local coffee roasters that offer economic options to satisfy all of your coffee needs.

Finding the Right Roast

What does it mean when we mention finding the ‘right’ roast? Well, there’s no right or wrong answer in this regard – there’s only the question of choosing your favorite since it all comes down to personal preference. If you are just diving into the world of coffee, it’s worth trying a cup of each type to find the right roast for you.

In addition to taste, the caffeine content is another aspect to consider when making coffee. The average cup of coffee can contain anywhere from 95-200 mg of caffeine. The method of coffee bean roasting has an effect on the taste and the amount of caffeine in a cup, but other factors such as the type of beans used and serving size also make a difference

Coffee Roast Types


  1. Light Roast: Color is light-brown. Noticeable acidity and retains most caffeine. Ranges an internal temperature from 356℉ – 401℉.
  2. Medium Roast: Color is medium-brown, balanced flavor between light and darker roasts. Less caffeine than light roast. Ranges an internal temperature from 410℉ – 428℉.
  3. Medium-Dark Roast: Color is a darker medium-brown. Taste of coffee can be slightly spicy. Ranges internal temperatures of 437℉ – 450℉
  4. Dark Roast: Color is a dark brown/black. Bitter or smoky taste, with flavors of the roasting process taking over the original coffee bean’s flavor. Caffeine levels at its lowest point. Ranges internal temperatures from 465℉ – 480℉.

Local Coffee

Buying coffee beans from
local roasters is the best way to enjoy a traditional brewer. A majority of local roasters recommend these machines as the ideal method to enjoy their product, as it represents their intended way of extracting flavor. While the beans can still be used for other types of machines, traditional brewers are considered their main focus. 

Local coffee roasters create a fresh, high-quality product that doesn’t need to travel as far as bigger roasters to reach your cup. This cuts down on travel expenses, as well as gasoline usage, which leads to a lower carbon footprint

Buying local coffee also helps support the local economy, naturally. This allows nearby companies to create new jobs and offer better wages than a chain would.

Corporate Essentials works with many great local coffee roasters residing in New Jersey and New York that follow forward-thinking and sustainable business practices. Some of these include Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, Cafe Grumpy, MUD Coffee, Forty Weight Coffee Roasters, and Joe NY Coffee Company. 

Whichever type of coffee machine, bean flavor, or roast type you choose, our service team is here and ready to help. Before the machine even arrives at your office, your selected brewer will be correctly programmed based on your preferences to ensure it will produce its best cup of coffee. Any changes needed to be made after installation can be left to us!

By the end of this blog series, you will have a better idea of which coffee machine is the best fit for your office or business to brew a great cup of coffee every time. 

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