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If you have a successful office in NYC, odds are you know a thing or two about keeping your staff happy, nourished and engaged in the workplace. One consistent contributing factor that employees name when asked what they like about their employer is the break room. And, the absolute backbone of a well-stocked break room is a great office coffee service.

Whether your firm is looking to upgrade, start fresh or just dipping your toes into the world of office coffee, there are a few things you should consider when evaluating office coffee services for your business. Today, the coffee experts here at Corporate Essentials are going to share some of the key factors you will want to bear in mind when comparing and contrasting the office coffee options you find in New York City.

Product Variety

In Brida, Paul Coelho writes, “Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup.” This is sage advice for those seeking an excellent NYC office coffee service. You need a coffee service that provides a variety of beverages that cater to the distinct taste of all the coffee lovers in your office, but more than this, you need an office coffee delivery team that can bring a veritable cornucopia of other beverages and even occasional treats into your workplace to ensure everyone at work feels welcome in the break room.

Once you have dialed in your regular office coffee order, you will want the ability to inspire employees with new and different tastes throughout the year. Whether that means celebrating all things Pumpkin Spice in the autumn or offering an exciting array of cold brew beverages during the spring and summer months, a solid office coffee service will be able to help keep your employees engaged in the break room rituals – which will help keep them focused on the important work that goes on back at their desks.

Customer Service

Businesses depend on a variety of machines: copiers, fax machines, computers and especially office coffee machines. Those machines are nothing without a stellar delivery organization to keep them running and supplied with all the things that the people at your site love.

And this is why customer service must be on your four-part list of considerations when looking for a great NYC office coffee service. This is an area where reviews can be helpful, but always bear in mind that there are two sides to every story. By the same token, anecdotal experiences from people you actually know can be incredibly valuable in determining the customer service level various office coffee services might offer your New York City office.

When evaluating the customer service of our potential office coffee services, consider:

  • What do they guarantee in terms of reliable delivery, product availability and order accuracy?
  • What is their service response time in the event of a coffee machine crisis?
  • How promptly do they respond to your queries, answer the phone in general and/or reply to email?
  • How does the office coffee service sales representative make you feel?

Four simple questions that should help you to shape a picture of the customer service you are likely to encounter going forward.


A big component of success in business is being able to meet the ever-changing needs of your clients. Knowing that you have a huge meeting with a lot of guests for a full day every six weeks is one thing, but being able to call your NYC office coffee service at short notice because a delegation from the other coast is coming in for a presentation tomorrow and knowing they will deliver what you need to be the hostess with the mostest is hard to price.

As you evaluate the offerings of the various office coffee services, take a good look at the options you have for changing the items in your order, the frequency of your orders and the sort of products that are seasonally available. Being able to cater for a crowd at short notice is just one example of how having a flexible office coffee delivery service can be a true benefit for your entire firm.


There are plenty of people out there who will tell you that mediocre coffee is better than no coffee. We beg to differ. Think about the last time you visited an office and were offered a cup of sub-standard coffee on arrival – did it color your entire experience there in any way? The odds are it did, whether because it upset your stomach a little or left a bitter taste in your mouth, that experience has stuck with you or you would not be remembering it now.

This is why our final piece of advice to you is that you take recommendations people give you for an office coffee service seriously. Our relationship with things we consume is distinctly personal, and the impression that the products we eat and drink leave with us is important. If multiple people mention that a NYC office coffee service that offers high-quality products which cater to a variety of tastes and provides excellent customer service, the odds are good it is worth your time to pursue more information directly from that firm.

On the other hand, when you genuinely dread the time you are going to spend in that office across town because you know the coffee on offer will give you indigestion, you’d be wise to give them a miss when you are asking for follow up info, samples and that all-important in-house demonstration.

The staff in your New York City office deserves the best office coffee service you can find, if you are ready to take the plunge and immerse yourself (and your colleagues) in the world of truly high-quality office coffee, connect with one of our coffee connoisseurs today. Working closely with great companies across New York for nearly 20 years has given the teams here at Corporate Essentials a raft of experience with which to answer all your office coffee questions.

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Suzie Pinhancos

Suzie is the Client Support Specialist at Corporate Essentials. She graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Union County College. Since 2014 she’s been fueling the culture at Corporate Essentials and spreading the word about their premier office coffee service in NJ & NYC.