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While you’re not always close to a hot chocolate hotspot, like NYC’s iconic City Bakery in Manhattan, whipping up a mug of drinking chocolate doesn’t have to be the chore it once was.

Making Your Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa – there is nothing better for warming up on a Brooklyn winter day, winding down in the evening, or taking a quiet break during a busy afternoon.

Thanks to the convenience of single-serve and other specialty brewers available through Corporate Essentials, you no longer have to slave over a hot stove to get your hot cocoa fix.

The Ease of Making Hot Cocoa

The days of watching a simmering pan of milk, waiting to sprinkle the cocoa carefully over the luscious bubbly liquid and painstakingly whisking it together are over.

Instead, you can sit at your desk, press the brew button, close your eyes and escape to a simpler, stress-free time for a few moments while the relaxing aroma of hot cocoa fills the air.

Hot Cocoa Health Benefits

From 17th Century France to today’s Cornell University, studies have shown that hot cocoa has health benefits too.

Flavonoids, which cocoa is rich with, can boost everything from your concentration and relaxation to the fight against high blood pressure, stress and anxiety. Powerful stuff indeed!

The Top Hot Cocoa Brands

There are plenty of ways to get your hot chocolate on through Corporate Essentials’ portfolio of products – traditional brands like Nestlé and Swiss Miss rub shoulders with popular options from Starbucks and Douwe Egberts.

This variety paired with the convenience of in-office brewing options make for a partnership that rivals the deliciousness of semi-melted marshmallows floating in that mug of your favorite hot cocoa.

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