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Providing incentives to employees can improve workplace morale and productivity. Entrepreneur Jeff Epstein explains that the right employee perks can help “build a fantastic company culture to attract and retain amazing people.” To help your organization win the most impressive talent, we’ve curated 70 of the best employee perks ideas.

1. Paid Volunteer Time

Provide paid time for community service. Encourage employees to participate in community service, whether in small groups or as a big team. By scheduling a field day to get out of the office and into a new space, volunteering can offer your employees a break from desk time as they contribute towards a greater good.

2. Dogs at Work

A pet-friendly workplace can help improve employee morale. While dogs in the office every day may not be the best option, allow your team to bring in their furry friends. This will boost your employees’ moods by giving them something to look forward to.

3. Lunch Catering

Free lunch on-site saves time and money. Offering your team a selection of healthy food gives them an opportunity to switch things up and try something new. Who doesn’t love free food? Your employees will feel appreciated and motivated to keep up their hard work.

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4. Subsidize Transportation

Provide free parking and transportation reimbursements for your employees.

5. Fitness Classes

Hire certified instructors to teach group fitness. These types of classes will provide your employees with an opportunity to get together and focus on their fitness, rather than stressing over work that has to be done.

6. Swap Desks

Allow your employees to switch up desk arrangements for a new and improved work environment. Not only will this type of change make way for increased productivity, it will also give your team a chance to foster relationships with different coworkers.

7. Provide Caffeine

Provide complimentary, high-quality coffee and tea. When you think of workplace essentials, there’s a good chance coffee comes to mind. By giving your employees a break room stocked with caffeine solutions for their after-lunch slump, they will feel refueled and capable of finishing the day on a high note.

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8. Discounts

Negotiate employee discounts with local service providers. There’s nothing better than saving money on the things you need.

9. Swag Contests

Vote on company swag designs. Have your team compete in competitions to create logos or slogans for new company apparel. Team swag is a must.

10. Flexible Seating

Offer private desks, collaborative spaces, standing and treadmill desks. Don’t be afraid to go against the status quo.

11. Deliver Health Services

Schedule biometric screenings and wellness fairs. Give your employees the opportunity to take care of their health while at work. This will help them get other things done with the time they would have spent waiting in their doctor’s office.

12. Extended Parental Leave

Provide leave to new parents. Your team will appreciate any extra time they’re able to spend with their children. This will allow them to come back to work motivated and ready to get back into the swing of things.

13. Play Music

Stream employee-created playlists. There’s nothing better to get your team into a productive groove than your favorite, upbeat track.

14. Invest in Art

Involve employees in art selection.

15. Offer Flex Time

Offer flexibility for work-life balance. Be understanding when a member of your team needs a day off or is feeling under the weather. Allow your employees to have a reasonable amount of PTO days.

16. Sporting Events Tickets

Purchase tickets to sporting events to surprise your team and give them something to look forward to.

17. Leadership Lunches

Invite employees to lunch with the CEO or “Lunch and Learns.”

18. Mental Health Benefits

Provide therapy coverage.

19. Massages

Hire a masseuse for a day of stress-relief.

20. No Dress Code

Ditch your dress code. Allow your team to dress business smart to combine comfort with professional wear.

21. Appreciation Budgets

Give managers funds for recognition and reward. Nothing encourages a team member to keep up the good work like a monetary incentive. You want your employees to know they’re appreciated and that their hard work is noticed.

22. Healthy Snacks

Stock the break room with healthy snacks like granola, protein bars and fresh fruit. Wholesome snack options will energize your team throughout the day.

23. Cold Beverages

Offer complimentary cold drinks such as kombucha, cold-pressed juices and coconut water.

24. Books

Create a well-stocked library.

25. Games

Having board games, arcade games and video games on site can help fill empty time slots with collaboration and fun.

26. Conferences

Fund conference attendance. Search for conventions or meetings that your employees can attend or travel to. Giving them a day away from their desk will allow them to learn helpful skills that will aid your business in the long run.

27. Weekly Happy Hours

Offer a weekly afternoon happy hour with craft beer.

28. Professional Development Funds

Reimburse development classes, seminars, and certifications. Motivate your team to better themselves and to sharpen their skills.

29. Financial Management

Offer professional investment advisory services.

30. Match Charitable Contributions

Match donations your team makes to charity. Show your employees that you’re in it together.

31. Green Your Office

Purchase indoor plants and flowers. These small changes will liven up your work environment.

32. Silly Awards

Have fun with quirky awards.

33. Hackathons

Let employees hack your new product or messaging.

34. Fitness Incentives

Provide discounted gym memberships. Sponsor employee softball or kickball. Cover the entrance fees for a 5K, 10K, or marathon. Fund your employees’ efforts to be active. Be sure to attend these events to show your support.

35. Unlimited Vacation

Prevent burnout with unlimited days off, as long as things are getting done.

36. Birthday Celebrations

Recognize employee birthdays and other milestones. Provide your team with a chance to celebrate and take a break from working.

37. Company Retreats

Get out of the office to recharge and bond.

38. Employee-Selected Snacks

Create polls to let your staff select which snacks will be stocked in their break room.

39. Walking Meetings

LinkedIn does “Walk and Talk,” meetings in-motion. Get your legs moving and your brain into gear. Brainstorm ideas while being active with your team.

40. Encourage Chill

Foster relaxation with space dedicated to recharging or napping. Giving your team adequate downtime will ensure they can get things done without getting burnt out.

41. Provide Free Product

Who doesn’t love free giveaways? Offer your team freebies like snacks to show them you appreciate their contributions to your business.

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42. Sponsor Learning

Hire speakers for monthly lunch-and-learns. Make learning something your employees can look forward to.

43. Use Video

Ditch update emails and switch to high-energy videos.

44. Go to a Concert

Purchase concert tickets as a team. Attend the event together to bond outside your typical workplace environment. This will help your team get to know one another better.

45. Parental Time Off

Give parents time off for their kids’ appointments and activities. Understanding your employees’ lives outside of work will help them achieve balance and ultimately be happier individuals.

46. Do “Date Night”

Offer evening childcare for date night.

47. Mentor Programs

Pair employees with career mentors. By receiving guidance from an executive employee, your entry level team will be able to pave their own way. This partnership will allow them to gain insight from someone who has been in their position.

48. Holiday Time Off

Ensure that holidays consist of time devoted to family, friends and relaxation. Offer extended paid holiday leave to your team so they can recharge and enjoy holiday vacation.

49. Stress Management

Provide stress-management courses and tools.

50. Create Promotion Bonuses

Reward new hires, referrals, and promotions. Motivate your team to spread the word about their workplace by recruiting new talent.

51. Smartphones

Provide smartphones or subsidize monthly bills.

52. Giveaways

Surprise staff with regular giveaways like company swag or other items.

53. Breakroom Redesign

A functional, stylish breakroom is a serious perk. Your break room should incorporate healthy snacks, trendy beverages and state-of-the-art coffee and tea machines. Make this space an area where coworkers can convene.

54. Fantasy Football

Healthy competition can boost morale.

55. Unlimited Work-from-Home

As long as your employees are being efficient and productive, what does it matter where they’re getting their work finished? On days your employees don’t have meetings, give them the freedom to choose whether they want to work in the office or in the comfort of their own home.

56. Headphones

Provide free, noise-blocking headphones as an onboarding gift. It’s a known fact that freebies are always appreciated.

57. Gift Certificates

Restaurant and retail gift cards show appreciation.

58. Bring-Your-Kid-to-Work Day

Let parents share the workplace with their children.

59. Message Boards

Create a message board or whiteboard for informal recognition. This will help your team know that no accomplishment goes unnoticed, regardless of how small or large it is.

60. Customizable Benefits

Provide flexibility in health benefits.

61. Tuition Reimbursement

Provide funding for higher education. This type of investment in your employees will help them better themselves and in the long run, better your company.

62. Increase Your Discount

Offering a huge employee discount can be a recruitment advantage. This of course, depends on your business, but is always appreciated.

63. Travel

Subsidize or cover flights and hotel stays. This will help your team network without being burdened by costs associated with travel. This benefit will ultimately grow your contact base and allow you to make connections far and wide.

64. Company Car

Urban employers can provide shared car access for errands. This option removes the need for public transportation or finding a car service. It will save your team time and money.

65. Employee Clubs

Organize clubs around interests and activities. Give your employees a chance to bond over a team sporting event or a shared hobby.

66. Tech Upgrades

Offer discounted home technology like laptops and smart speakers.

67. Mid-Day Fit

Support wellness with mid-day fitness breaks. These breaks can consist of walks around the building or a group stretch.

68. Breakfast

Cater morning meetings. Mornings are busy, especially when they consist of commuting and running around. By stocking your break room with breakfast options, your team will start their day fueled with energy.

69. Early Fridays

One of our favorite employee perks ideas is to reward your employees with half days on Fridays. If there’s a lot of work to be done in your office, offer them a half day every once in a while as an unexpected treat.

70. Write Cards

Take the time to say “thank you” to your employees for kind gestures, or simply for jobs well done. A note of thanks goes a long way.


Employee Perk Ideas for Your NJ Business

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