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WL250 Waterlogic

The entire workplace can rely on the Waterlogic WL250 to deliver a refreshing glass of water at any time of the day. Thanks to its multistage filtration and ultraviolet light sanitization users don’t need to be concerned about an unhealthy amount of  bacterial growth or potential biofilm buildup.

The business friendly design and guaranteed reliability ensure you have all the quality cold and hot water your employees and guests need to stay hydrated.

If allocating space in the office for a new machine could potentially be challenging for your business, fear not as the Waterlogic WL250 comes in two different models: the Tower unit and Countertop unit.

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    Tower Dimensions: 14.5″d X 13.75″w X 40.25″h
    Coutertop Dimensions: 14.5″d X 13.75″w X 17.75″h
    Dispense Area High: 8.5″
    Weight: Tower: 58 lbs / Countertop: 42 lbs
    Recommended Filtration:
    – Sediment Block
    – Carbon Block (CBC)
    – Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
    – Carbon Black (CBC) 1 micron with lead and cyst reduction
    Capacity: Hot Tank: 1.5L / Cold Tank: 4.0L (Tower) / 2.0 L (CT)
    Additional Features: Mode Indicator / Leak Detection
    Compressor: 120 V / 60 HZ compressor
    Water Temperature: Cold: 40°F / Hot 188°F

    • Filtered chilled and hot water.
    • V Technology to reduce bacterial growth.
    • Tower and Countetop models.
    • Easy connection to your existing water supply.
    • Option for Drip Tray Drainage.

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