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If you enjoy the occasional (or daily, in our case) cup of coffee, there’s a chance you’ve heard of cold brew coffee. If you’re reading this, there’s an even greater chance that you already know what it is, and you may have even tried it. Before we examine the cold brew coffee that Wandering Bear specializes in, an important distinction needs to be made – iced coffee is different than cold brew! Let’s break down what this means.


Cold Brew Vs. Ice Coffee


Iced coffee is, well, just that. First, a hot cup of coffee is brewed. Then, a handful of ice cubes are dropped inside, and the drink sits until it becomes cold, when it can be enjoyed as a cold beverage. Alternatively, it can be placed in the refrigerator and cooled within there.

While we can’t say no to a good iced coffee in a pinch, it faces a few problems that cold brew doesn’t have. When the ice cubes placed in a hot drink dissolve, they leave behind water that dilutes the flavor. Add in the fact that cold brew more effectively extracts the flavor, sugars, oils, and caffeine from coffee beans than the regular method of brewing, and it seems iced coffee doesn’t stand a chance in this highly controversial competition.

So what is cold brew coffee? Simply put, it’s ground coffee beans steeped in cold or room-temperature water for anywhere between 12-24 hours. This long-lasting method of preparation may sound excessive, but the incredibly smooth flavor speaks for itself. In addition, this method reduces the chance of the coffee tasting bitter! Cold brew refers to the process of making the coffee itself, not necessarily the temperature of the final product. Theoretically, you can serve a hot coffee that was made using cold brew.

For those who enjoy sweet-tasting coffee, these should be reason enough to try cold brew. And yes, you can add milk and sugar to have an even sweeter cup.

This process of coffee preparation has been making waves over the past few years. So what’s different about Wandering Bear cold brew?


A New Solution


Wandering Bear is a cold brew coffee company that sells its drinks in two formats: on-tap and on-the-go.

Corporate Essentials has partnered with Wandering Bear to create a solution to dramatically ease the customer experience with it’s cold brew on tap program. The program uses a new bag-in-box format of delivery in which an electric pump powers the unit. This is a massive improvement for a number of reasons. For starters, it means less equipment is needed to maintain the cold brew! It also makes the process of replacing coffee easy for customers to swap and dispose of themselves.

Most notably, despite the removal of a nitrogen tank, the coffee still has the same great taste that Wandering Bear provides. It remains certified USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified, Kosher, and contains zero sugar or dairy. With that in mind, there are a handful of additional benefits that ought to be recognized if you’re a fan of cold brew!


Upgraded and Improved


This new bag-in-box format of Wandering Bear Cold Brew on tap is now shelf-stable. This means it no longer requires refrigeration, making the coffee capable of being stored anywhere. This is a big deal for those who constantly face a packed fridge! And because the coffee is kept in a bag within a box, it has versatile storage capability. No keg required.

With this new format comes another improvement – the cold brew can last twice as long, effectively doubling its shelf life from 90 to 180 days. Because the coffee isn’t hit by light or air until it leaves the bag, this grants it longer shelf life. If you’re looking for an example of an improvement in value, this is it!

These changes to the core design of Wandering Bear coffee means that the installation and maintenance of on-tap cold brew is easier. This translates to fewer service calls and fewer interruptions to your business! In a nutshell, these improvements benefit all parties and help businesses continue to run smoothly. You can say it’s a win-win!

Below are the specifications of Wandering Bear’s Cold Brew on-tap box.



5-Gallon Bag-in-Box (107 servings)

1 Pack

Case Dimensions:

10.75” x 15.125” x 9.5”

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