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Our expertise has grown and now that we know how the equipment and products we offer function best, we can design how to best set them up to increase functionality.

Break room design services are creating a new category among full-service office refreshment services. Our break room design service now allows us to not only stock your NYC break room with the latest refreshment equipment and products, but to completely design your break room with you, from concept to finish.

We are experts in the field of office supplies, and with almost two decades of experience, we will help you to create an office design that combines exceptional functionality, custom styling and outstanding flow in and out of the room.

We will analyze your office size, space and volume, and then work with you to choose the best appliances, products and furniture to fill your break room in the best possible way. Allow us to create a place where you and your employees actually want to go.


Unique needs call for custom designs.

Every office is different, and every employee has a different idea about what would make up an ideal break room. That’s why when it comes to break room design services, customization is key.

Corporate Essentials will combine all of your employee and office needs and analyze them to create a comprehensive plan to design your break room.

We will consult with you and create an ideal floor plan that will describe proposed placement of your appliances and furniture. Plus, based on the needs and desires of your employees we will advise you on the best coffee and tea makers, paper products and utensils you should provide as well. Allow us to customize your solution.


A place for everything and everything in its place.

There’s no sense in having a break room if it’s filled with useless appliances or created with no structure or usability in mind. We will help you design a break room that is first and foremost: functional. It will be practical and intended to better serve you and your New Jersey office culture on coffee and lunch breaks.

Whether you need a single-cup coffee maker or a 64 oz. brewer, water dispenser or vending machine, we have you covered.

Plus, we’ll ensure it’s all placed in a way that promotes movement and moves your employees in and out all day long.


Creating a place you want to be.

Functionality and customization are the building blocks of an exceptional break room, but style takes it to the top.

Create a space where your employees actually want to go and meet each other, a place where they can enjoy their lunch and coffee breaks. It is an investment in spiking productivity and your office culture.

We’ll ensure your appliances match and your products are stored in a functional, out-of-sight way. From concept to finished product, we will create a unique style for your break room that your employees will appreciate.

Our team is always here to help.
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