An office coffee service may be what you are looking for to develop effective ways to enhance your company culture, boost satisfaction and increase employee productivity. Chances are that you haven’t thought much about coffee in the workplace. Who could supply the coffee? Do your workers like the coffee? What do your coffee options say about your office culture? The truth is that coffee at work may be more important to your employees than you think.

The latest Gallup poll shows that the 64 percent of Americans drink, on average, at least one cup of coffee every day. While you may not lose any employee due to lack of high-quality coffee at the workplace, you are missing out on a wealth of benefits offered by an office coffee service.

How Coffee Affects Office Culture

The myth that coffee is bad for you is being exposed by study after study. Today’s research shows that coffee offers a wide range of health and mental benefits, which are crucial for workplace performance. Research shows that coffee can temporarily boost a person’s energy level, enhance mood and improve memory. It also can improve cognitive functioning, speed up reaction time and improve a person’s overall physical performance.

What employer wouldn’t want to see these types of performance improvements throughout their workforce?

Investing in office coffee services will not only improve individual performance but can also enhance your overall office culture in several ways, including:

  • Boost Morale: Fresh, high-quality coffee right at the office is a great way to boost employee morale. Instead of looking forward to stopping at the local coffee shop on their way to work, your employees will start looking forward to having that first cup of java right at the office.
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction: Having coffee available at the office will help your team feel valued and appreciated. This, in turn, has the power to increase overall employee satisfaction, which can help to improve your retention rates.
  • Enhance Employee Engagement: More than 70 percent of the workforce claims that they do not feel engaged at work. Creating a coffee station at work can help to pull staff out of their office and into community space. This space also can be used to post special notices and to interact with the staff, both of which can greatly improve employee engagement.
  • Promote Collaboration: Think coffee isn’t strong enough to promote in-house collaboration? Think again. One survey shows that 40 percent of the employees asked said that they have had productive work-related conversations over coffee.
  • Improve Interdepartmental Communication: Employees are calling the office coffee station the new water cooler — the place where conversation happens. There is some truth to this. Employers are noting that employees from different departments who typically wouldn’t interact during the day are getting to know each other and more about each other’s department at the coffee station.

Companies That Already Understand the Power of Coffee

While nearly half of all employers currently offer free coffee at the workplace, the quality of this coffee is not always up to employees’ expectations. This is where a professional office coffee service can help. They provide high-quality coffee that is sure to satisfy your employees.

Some companies already understand the power of coffee. They have integrated a coffee service to enhance their office culture and boost employee satisfaction.

  • Twitter — Twitter is known to splurge on its employees from time to time. However, free coffee is one benefit that the company offers all employees on a daily basis. Best of all, they don’t just stop at coffee. Employees also can treat themselves to kombucha, right from the tap.
  • Square — Mobile payment company Square is all about keeping their employees happy. Their new office in San Francisco offers a large coffee station complete with not one but two baristas. One quick glance at Square’s reviews on Glassdoor will tell you just how happy their employees are with this service. One employee remarked that Square’s “perks are great with plenty of snacks, coffee bar.” Another reviewer raved about “unbelievably good coffee.”
  • Google — Search engine giant Google is well-known for offering excellent employee benefits. It should come as no surprise to learn that the company has multiple coffee and juice bars spaced throughout its complex. What you may not know is just how valuable Google employees see this benefit. One employee remarked that on-site coffee “saves time and money and help me build relationships with my colleagues.”

Corporate Essentials Offers More Than Coffee

As a leading office coffee service company, Corporate Essentials offers a wide range of coffee equipment and supplies, including single-cup coffee makers, traditional brewers and espresso machines. With a variety of office drink options, such as tea, kombucha, water and craft beer and all types of healthy snacks, Corporate Essentials can supply everything your office needs and have it delivered right to your door.

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