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If you and your colleagues are on the prowl for a new office coffee service company in NYC, there are plenty of things to take into account before you sign on the dotted line of that new agreement. As with any other industry, office coffee service is a highly competitive field.

Today, the coffee heroes at Corporate Essentials are here to give you the lowdown on the hallmarks that distinguish the best office coffee service providers so that you can sift through the offerings as they filter through your inbox and find the best match for your firm’s break room needs.


First and foremost, the best office coffee service companies have a long-standing record for reliable service. There is little worse than getting to work on a Monday and realizing there is no milk to go with the coffee, no sugar to go with the tea or that the coffee beans have run out altogether.

This is the kind of situation that can rapidly degenerate into a true and genuine crisis, but with the help of a reliable coffee service, you have nothing to fear. When evaluating potential coffee delivery services for reliability, read the feedback they have received for:

  • Prompt, accurate delivery: knowing the office coffee products your employees need will be available on time, every time is vital to a successful relationship with your office coffee service company.
  • Flexible arrangements: being able to call and add items to your coffee delivery, change the quantities or even products when special guests hit town and vary for seasonal offerings keeps the break room lively, and any great office coffee supplier will be willing and able to do this.
  • Quality products: having a steady drip feed of mediocre coffee is no good for anyone, but doing the research and finding NYC office coffee service companies with top-quality products is a great reward for your entire company.
  • Speedy service: should your office coffee equipment need a service or repair, does the company have a reputation for showing up quickly and providing a solution?


We have already touched on the importance of having flexible delivery options with your choice of NYC office coffee service companies, but there is more to the story than just being able to offer a different coffee option occasionally. For a truly epic break room experience, your company will want to ensure all the people in your building are adequately catered for.

This means engaging with your staff to identify the flavors they savor, then going to your potential office coffee suppliers and seeing who has a product catalog that can stand up to the challenge. If your point of view is “as long as there is coffee, that is good enough,” let us give you a few reasons variety matters in your break room and should play a big part in your choice between office coffee service companies:

  • Quality counts: NYC office coffee services with one nationally recognized brand in its stable and a host of off-brand options are not providing your workplace with the best variety of office coffee products. Instead, seek out office coffee service companies with a solid offering of different options from a variety of local and national brands your team is likely to recognize and appreciate.
  • Tastes vary: coffee comes in a variety of roasts because over time people have experimented with how roasting beans for different times changes the character. The fact that people like different beans or different roasts should not surprise you, but start adding different flavorings and non-coffee beverages to the mix and you are likely to find more and more people across your business interested in the office coffee service company you choose.
  • Two o’clock troubles: that sinking feeling that follows lunch for many of us can be best handled with a sweet shot of caffeine, but it helps when there is something different on hand to inspire you to face the challenges of your afternoon.
  • Staff engagement: no one wants to go to a restaurant when they dislike the lion’s share of the menu items; the same holds true in your break room. If you are working to improve staff relations by building an awesome office culture, stocking the break room with treats that appeal to everyone is an essential.

Customer Service

This is one area where other people’s opinions really do matter. Take recommendations for and against various NYC office coffee companies seriously – personal experiences really matter in the world of coffee. When you add an office coffee service company to your potential list, always take the time to read up on their reputation for providing good customer service within their own website, through online directories and with your peers at other companies with a similar service requirement to your own.

Knowing that a company is legendary for providing awesome customer service is great, but knowing the circumstances that make their customer service “legendary” is better. Ask about their flexibility, availability, guarantee, warranty, response time and anything that might matter to your specific break room needs.

More importantly, give some weight to the way the rep from the coffee service firm makes you feel when you are talking about your company’s office coffee service requirements. Odds are if they make you feel like a valued partner in the venture, you are off to a great start.

In-House Maintenance

There is little worse than showing up for work and finding out that the water filter has gone on the fritz and flooded the break room, unless, of course, it is the coffee maker that has lost its tiny little mind and now holds your productivity hostage. The maintenance piece contributes to your decision between office coffee service companies in NYC because it is important to know how long your break room will be dead in the water.

Working with an office coffee service that has the capacity to show up quickly and troubleshoot the situation is a distinct advantage. Having an office coffee service that will take send your office coffee machine to the manufacturer for repair is better. Knowing your NYC office coffee service company will arrive promptly, take away your troubled machine and replace it with a temp while they repair the other unit for a swift return is the gold standard.

Product Updates

Similar to the maintenance piece, you need to know how the NYC office coffee service companies you are considering handle product upgrades, technology updates and changing systems. Are you getting a great deal because you opted for an office coffee machine that was about to be replaced by a much more functional modern model? Understand the terms your office coffee service offers for upgrading your equipment as technology changes and your in-house tastes evolve in order to guarantee a long, satisfying relationship with your office coffee service in NYC.

When your team is ready to experience the best office coffee New York City has to offer, reach out to the team of industry experts at Corporate Essentials. Our team is ready and waiting to put almost 20 years of expertise among the top office coffee service companies in NYC to work making your break room amazing.

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Suzie Pinhancos

Suzie is the Client Support Specialist at Corporate Essentials. She graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Union County College. Since 2014 she’s been fueling the culture at Corporate Essentials and spreading the word about their premier office coffee service in NJ & NYC.