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Despite our best efforts, some days are better than others for all companies. When your staff finds itself in a bit of a slump and even the office coffee delivery in NJ is at odds with the ideal, have no fear. Today, the coffee gurus here at Corporate Essentials have put together this list of six surefire ways you can improve your break room – and your overall office culture – with the power of your office coffee delivery service in NJ.

1. Quick menu changes

Once in a while, that new roast you decided to try from the coffee service menu disagrees with a lot of folks. This can lead to a general feeling of inescapable malaise, but it does not have to be the end of your successful office coffee culture. One quick phone call and a few smart choices can put the best office coffee in NJ back on the menu for your teams in no time.

The benefit of working with an experienced office coffee delivery service is that they should be able to offer flexible delivery options that will help you meet the fluctuating demands of your crowd – especially when one of those tempting new products is less than loved by your coworkers.

2. Speedy staff surveys

One of the greatest benefits having an office coffee delivery service for your NJ office is engagement for staff at all levels. The easiest way to be sure staff continues to enjoy the office coffee products available is to do regular surveys of your teams – this does not have to be a long-winded process, just a few quick questions to establish:

  • Are you satisfied with the range of office coffee products?
  • Do you find the office coffee machines easy to use?
  • What new products or equipment would you like to find in the break room?
  • Is there anything else the break room needs?

Simple, but incredibly effective as a measure of how your staff rates their current office coffee experience. And as we have said time and time again, having your finger on the pulse of what the people in your workplace think of the office coffee arrangements is a great way to stay in touch with their overall satisfaction in the workplace.

3. Timely Tuesday tastings

Another amazing (and easy) way to reignite the fire that helps your break room buzz is by creating events that will draw your teams in on a regular basis.

When you are in the initial stages of establishing an office coffee delivery arrangement for your firm in New Jersey, hold a company-wide tasting event to introduce the new line of products. You can then schedule occasional tastings, say on the first Tuesday of each month, as an ongoing activity for your staff.

4. Super seasonal products

Another great way to inject some new pep into your office coffee delivery service is by bringing in seasonal varietals from local roasters, as well as those popular seasonal coffee flavors that are available in single-serve pods. Seasonal products are a fantastic way to keep the office coffee menu from getting stale over time, and have the added bonus of disappearing after a short while so they never truly wear out their welcome.

5. Friendly competition Fridays

Rather than focusing on the office coffee delivery service in NJ, focus on your staff. By creating games, competitions or other contests that teams from across the company can come together and participate in, you can breathe fresh life into the break room. Choose to do a monthly “best brewer” competition, a simple bi-weekly trivia afternoon or a team-building exercise – the idea is to create a regularly scheduled event that can have office coffee at its heart.

This encourages your teams to come to the break room, builds a positive association with the space and products on offer there and provides a useful break from normal workplace activities which can be a great boost for overall productivity.

6. Accommodations always available

This is particularly important if your company has staggered coverage for whatever reason – make sure your NJ office coffee delivery is scheduled to provide a great service regardless of the day or time. It is no fun to come to work on a wet Tuesday morning and find that someone left the last bag of fresh-roasted beans open on the counter.

It is even less fun to show up for your shift at 11 pm on a Saturday and find there is no coffee at all. So, focus on providing an equitable service to all the teams in order to avoid disappointment.

While these six solutions might not be ideal for all firms, we hope that there is something here that sparks your imagination and helps you kick-start a better office coffee experience for your New Jersey office colleagues. If you would like more information on making the most of your office coffee delivery service in NJ, reach out to the coffee professionals at Corporate Essentials – with going on twenty years of experience providing the best office coffee delivery to companies like yours, the odds are solid we can help you turn over a new leaf.

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