February is here, and in full swing! It’s a month featuring some notable holidays, including Valentine’s Day on the 14th and President’s Day on the 18th. However, here at Corporate Essentials, the entirety of February is worth celebrating. That’s because February is National Snack Food Month! It’s possibly the most relevant celebration that we could write about!

Have you ever had the urge to skip lunch and eat a snack or two instead? That’s understandable, most of us are guilty of doing this on occasion. Thankfully, there’s now less pressure to feel ashamed about your lunch-time choices and eat snacks instead. To celebrate, here’s a look at six snacks that have recently satisfied our cravings, all with their own health benefits.




Once you get over how fun it is to say Barnana, try eating a Barnana banana bite! The dark chocolate flavor will remind you why chocolate can frequently be found as a coating on treats. Although Barnana offers a variety of snacks including the Barnana Original Banana Bites and the Barnana Sea Salt & Vinegar Plantain Chips, our recent favorite has been the Barnana Dark Chocolate Chewy Banana Bites. Try saying that ten times fast.

The dark chocolate flavor comes in small, chewy bites made up of dried banana and 66% Cacao dark chocolate. Plus, it’s gluten-free; so hey, if you’re into that, that’s neat.

By the way, both the aforementioned Barnana Dark Chocolate Chewy Banana Bites and Peanut Butter Banana Bites are available as part of Corporate Essentials’ February Snack Box, alongside a variety of other tasty options.




If you want to add a bit of fiber and protein to your snack diet, Hippeas are a good place to start! Hippeas are an organic chickpea puff that come in three flavors; Bohemian Barbecue, Sriracha Sunshine, and Vegan White Cheddar, each of them gluten-free and organic. You can’t go wrong with any one choice. If you enjoy other snacks of puff-like nature, such as Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar Popcorn (a long-time favorite around here) there’s a good chance you’ll like these.






this bar saves livesThis Bar Saves Lives

There’s a good reason granola bars are a popular choice with many people. It’s because the snack can come in many different varieties, filled with unique flavors and multiple ways to personalize it. In addition, it can be enjoyed while relaxing as well as on-the-go. It’s the quintessential solution to the age-old dilemma of running late for a meeting but you didn’t get a chance to eat beforehand, so the granola bar is here to save the day! We’ve all been there.

This Bar Saves Lives offers a few options to satisfy all cravings, including Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate and Cherry, Madagascar Vanilla Almond and Honey, and Wild Blueberry and Pistachio.

The best part, however, is that This Bar Saves Lives works toward addressing malnutrition in children living in developing countries. Corporate Essentials’ very own Rachel Cusack wrote about it in a 2018 blog post titled, “The Snack Bar Responsible for Saving Children’s Lives” so feel free to check it out! It’s very informative and a great read.



GoudaGouda Moon Cheese

If you enjoy cheese of any kind and are in the mood for something crunchy, this one is a no-brainer. Gouda Moon Cheese is a calcium and protein-rich snack that contains small pieces of crunchy, gouda cheese in a portable packet. Plus, it doesn’t need to be refrigerated! If you’re in the sharing mood, it can be easily passed to others nearby in its convenient resealable packet. Since it’s resealable, you could theoretically throw it to your friends without leaving a mess. Not that we encourage throwing food items.







Dang Coconut Chips

The Original Coconut Chips by Dang are pretty straightforward, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less tasty. Toasted coconut slices sprinkled with a dash of cane sugar and salt make them the perfect snack for the coconut fan in your life! Dang also offers other options including Dang Sriracha Spice Sticky-Rice Chips and Dang Original Sticky-Rice Chips.





Tea squaresTeaSquares Citrus Green Tea Matcha

Did you forget to have your wake-me-up drink this morning? Is the coffee machine at work busted? Well, first things first, you should get that thing fixed.

If you don’t have time to wait for that, this tea-infused energy snack by TeaSquares is a great pick-me-up! Each bag of TeaSquares Citrus Green Tea Matcha contains 4 bite-sized squares of crunchy goodness. It has the pleasant flavor of citrus and light green tea, leaving a sweet after taste. There’s a second flavor offered in the form of TeaSquares Acai Blueberry, offering a similarly satisfying crunch but with a focus on the best berry that is blue.


These are just a few examples of our favorite snacks as of late. Check out the Corporate Essentials’ shop website for a full list, which includes many more options! 

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