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Corporate Essentials’ very own catering company, Martin + Fitch, has a seasonal workplace menu that is sure to please.

This spring, the seasonal menu follows a Mediterranean approach. Appropriately titled “Spring in the Mediterranean” this limited-time menu offers a number of choices that should convince employees to leave their bagged lunches at home.

As the name implies, Mediterranean food is inspired by meals created in countries surrounding the Mediterranean sea. Some of these areas include Italy, Morocco, Israel, Greece, Turkey, and Spain.

But what exactly makes up the contents of this cuisine? Well, it turns out that it’s up to a level of interpretation due to a broad range of food origin. Despite this, a pattern meal consistency can be identified.

The Mediterranean Cuisine

According to QSR Magazine, a number of dishes share common ingredients, including olive oil, lemons, wheat, chickpeas, grapes, and non-native tomatoes. “The terms may differ,” said Barney Wolf, editor at QSR Magazine. “Meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie is a gyro in Greece… Shawarma in the Levant, and doner kebab in Turkey—but there are definite similarities.”

Mediterranean food can be split up into three culinary regions, consisting of the Eastern Mediterranean, Southern Europe, and North Africa. Each region’s use of spices, type of meat, and other specific ingredients result in a range of options that make up Mediterranean cuisine.

Spring in the Mediterranean

In the “Spring in the Mediterranean” seasonal menu, options include one choice of entrée from a list of five and two sides from a total of six. Choices of entrée include but aren’t limited to chicken shawarma with charred onions, beef kebabs with tzatziki, and Greek meatballs. The available sides consist of lemon orzo with parmesan and peas, spanakopita, tabbouleh, and more. Every meal comes with grilled flatbread, hummus, and orange cardamom cookies as well.

The catering menu for Martin + Fitch is designed with accessibility in mind. Every item has labels to signify if the food is gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, has dairy, or contains nuts. The best part? The seasonal menu is competitively priced.

Maura Martin, Executive Chef

“When I’m thinking about a seasonal menu, I’ll see something that inspires me,” said Martin + Fitch’s executive chef, Maura Martin. “Visuals inspire me, color inspires me. Bright things, like flowers in spring. Produce inspires me because in the winter it’s limited.”

Maura Martin is a private chef and caterer who has a distinguished career in the culinary arts. She completed a one-year intensive cooking and management program at The New York Restaurant School, later attending La Varenne in Paris where she completed a second year-long intensive program. She has worked as a private chef for a number of clients, as well as managed her own restaurant. Martin believes that ingredients are somehow ‘predestined’ and “fresh, seasonal, whole foods prepared perfectly are one of the greatest joys in life.”

The seasonal menu isn’t the only instance of Martin’s desire to experiment. “When I had my own restaurant, I changed my menu four times a year,” she said.

Today, Martin is the Executive Chef and Director of Catering & Events for Martin + Fitch.

About Martin + Fitch Catering

Whether an office is looking to supply food for an occasional workplace party, a regular Friday happy hour or daily grab-and-go lunches,
Martin + Fitch is able to deliver. With menus changing daily and inspired by the seasons, Martin + Fitch is able to provide delicious, better-for-you meal options for employees. In addition to office catering, Martin + Fitch will continue to act as a boutique catering and events company. From photo shoots and drop off catering, to large full-service events, Martin + Fitch can help you choose your venue, hire staff and design the space.

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