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Keurig Bolt Z6000 Office Coffee Brewer - NYC, NJ, Brooklyn, Manhattan

For those offices wanting large quantities of coffee kept in-office on a constant basis, the Keurig® BOLT system is the ultimate choice. Employees will be in and out of the break room fast for their coffee refills.

The Keurig® BOLT brewing system brews 64 oz. of coffee in two minutes, a custom thermal carafe keeps it hot and fresh for up to two hours; allowing your employees to get refills as often as they need. The great thing about this brewer is that there is virtually no wait time, just grab and a mug and pour.

Pre-measured coffee grounds maintain consistent flavor for each pot. Plus, a separate hot water spigot allows for a variety of possibilities for other hot beverages.

Clean up is hassle-free so you can keep brewing pots all day. This brewer is the ultimate choice for offices needing a constant flow of hot, fresh coffee every day of the work week.

Dimensions: 15.5″w x 18″h x 19″d
Weight: 55 lbs. empty
Power: 1,460 Watts
Voltage: 120VAC, 60Hz, Single Phase, 15A

  • Brews 64 oz. coffee.
  • One thermal carafe included.
  • Direct-water-line plumbing required.
  • Separate hot water spigot.

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