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Most companies have break rooms for staff or at least a designated area with counter space and some arrangement of table and chairs. Yet, while they encourage employees to dissociate from work tasks and take time for themselves, not all businesses know how to provide the optimal space.

Sometimes, companies even stock the cupboards with sugary, starchy or high-calorie snacks. What seemed appropriate is now far from ideal. Here’s why your company should prioritize healthier snacks for the office.

Healthy Snacks Boost Morale

When your employees see new snacks in the break room, their mood elevates to one of happiness and curiosity. Most of them will want to sample these healthy snacks to determine which ones they like best. Once they have established their favorites, they could soon put in requests for particular brands, further strengthening the break room excitement.

Healthier snacks for the office also have another bonus: they shore up the feeling that you care about your staff and want each one of them to be happy, healthy and passionate about the business. When employee morale is high, great things often result.

Healthy Snacks Deepen Company Culture

Apart from improving employee morale, healthier snacks for the office can even deepen company culture. The values and beliefs that guide workplace behavior, whether at an employee or management level, tie into company culture and explain the fundamentals of your company – what makes it tick. A commitment to healthy snack foods is just one part of the values your company holds dear.

Company culture defines a business to its employees and to the outside world. When you want to recruit new staff, you seek out candidates who will fit in with your mission and company culture.

Prioritizing things like regular employee outings, fitness initiatives or in-house health seminars likely means you will favor those candidates who not only have the skills needed for the job, but also the values and enthusiasm. Healthy snacks show everyone who enters the break room that your company is committed to success at all levels and in all ways.

Healthy Snacks Mean Productive Hours

Finally, healthy snacks often lead to healthier lives both in the workplace and at home. When you provide healthier snacks for the office, you encourage staff to extend the benefits and improve their overall well-being. You also provide them with additional nutrients to boost their thought power and help them remain focused on the task at hand.

The Ultimate Shortcut

It’s now time to point you toward the solution that more and more businesses are discovering. The ultimate shortcut to accomplishing these goals is to order snack boxes and have them delivered to your business.

When you order healthier snacks for the office through Corporate Essentials, you’ll show your employees that well-being can start with a box. Boost employee productivity, bolster camaraderie and achieve stronger staff loyalty by signing up for the Healthy Snack Box Initiative.

Healthier Snacks for the Office

Company success means showing your employees that you care and want what’s best for them. It means providing them with the tools they need to succeed in their roles, and it means offering them snacks and beverages that fuel a high caliber of work.

Corporate Essentials offers many brands of healthy snacks, each designed to help employees complete their days with good food in the belly and good results on the page. The following snacks are just a small sampling of the items you can find in your monthly snack box subscription.

180 Nutty Rice Bites Cranberries

Tasty clusters of puffed rice, seeds, nuts and cranberries are the perfect way to refuel. Each one is nutty, tart and oh so delicious.

Bear Naked Cinnamon Protein Granola

When your employees crave granola, you know just what to order. The Bear Naked brand is known for simple, wholesome ingredients in palate-pleasing flavors. Plus, it is rich in protein for fostering all-day energy.

Protes Toasted Coconut Protein Chips

Rich in protein, these baked chips will have you wondering why you used to stock the break room with greasy potato chips. And the coconut provides an intriguing yet complementary taste. They’re perfect for those on vegan diets, too.

Santa Cruz Organic Apple Sauce

Who doesn’t love applesauce? These cups are even better because they’re made from organic apples. Guaranteed, these won’t last long.

Pro Bar Superfruit + Greens

This power bar will help your employees stay focused and ready to strive for the top, thanks to superfruits like acai and goji, and protein-rich chia seeds.

The Better Chip Jalapeno

Jalapeno peppers give a fiery kick to these baked corn flour chips. Made with simple yet delicious ingredients, the Better Chip brand keeps offices coming back for more.

Chef’s Cut Honey BBQ Chicken Jerky

Hand-cut, marinated and slowly smoked: this jerky is the real deal. Honey BBQ sauce gives a sweet finish to this protein-rich snack.

The Importance of Variety

As anyone knows, variety keeps things kicking. Opening the box is a bit like opening up a birthday present. You don’t know what you’ll find, but you know you’ll probably love it.

Even if some employees are picky, having a variety of healthier snacks for the office is the perfect way to appease all tastes. When you order a snack box from Corporate Essentials, you’re guaranteed to have a variety of healthy snacks each month.

Corporate Essentials Has Everything You Need

Make break room orders simple when you sign up for the Snack Box Initiative. Healthy snacks plus great employees is always a winning combination.

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