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Office Break Room Heroes Start Here


For any new customer signing before November 1, 2023.

Fuel a Happy Workplace

At Corporate Essentials, we believe the way to your employees’ hearts is through their stomachs . . . with our top-notch office coffee service, convenient pantry service, and impressive workplace catering options. Keep your team engaged, productive, and happy with our vast selections of gourmet coffees and healthy snacks. Turn that ho-hum meeting into an enticing catered meal. We have everything you need to fuel a positive company culture that keeps your team coming back for more!

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We’re Always Stocked, So Your Break Room Is, Too.

Thanks to our many years in the office break room and catering industry, we have the inventory and the relationships to ensure we always have what your company needs to fuel that positive workplace culture. We work with awesome local suppliers to keep our New York City and New Jersey clients looking good (and fully stocked), 52 weeks a year.


Up to $500 value for any new customer signing before November 1, 2023.

Office Coffee & Pantry Service Leader for Over 25 Years

Since 1996, Corporate Essentials has been helping NY/NJ companies keep employees happy and engaged. How? By supplying the best coffees and brewing equipment, providing excellent pantry services and in-demand snacks and beverages, and elevating the workplace dining and catering experience—all in-house. Superior customer service, best-in-class offerings, and a reliable partner that has what it takes to energize your team are just a call away.

It’s our job to make yours easier. How can we help?

They are a one-stop supplier for PPE, sanitization equipment, and a fully stocked break room.

They helped us rethink our break room services to adapt to the current times.

We're using their virtual events and snack box services to keep our teams connected and culture alive.

The touchless equipment for beverages and snacks keep our team feeling safeguarded.


Up to $500 value for any new customer signing before November 1, 2023.