There are so many practical benefits to having corporate catering tend to your NJ or NYC company’s office refreshments and food needs. It’s convenient, easy, and adds lots of variety.

But what can corporate catering services do for the bigger picture of your office team? How do simple things such as breakroom snacks and drinks or delivered cold brew drive sales? Can they boost morale and aid in productivity?

The research shows that yes, it is these tiny details that make all the difference. Here are five reasons you may want to call corporate catering to your NJ or NYC offices stat.

1. Improved Employee Morale

Is it a stressful month, full of reports, extra meetings or overtime? Sometimes, all your employees need are incentives. They could be so concerned about doing their jobs well that they don’t give much thought to packing quality lunches and snacks. Sure, you may have a cafeteria or lunch stubs available for your employees, but even that can get boring.

Choose catering for special dishes a few times a week to show your employees that you care about their well-being. When their morale is boosted and they feel good about going to lunch, the conversations and chats during mealtimes can lead to creative ideas and our next point: collaboration.

2. Collaboration

If you look at these Fortune 500 companies which were listed as best places to work in, you can see a common thread: collaboration. Managers who see success as a team effort, and who concentrate on making every individual feel like part of the achievements are successful leaders.

A simple thing like having catered lunches and snacks shows that you truly care about your teams and want them to perform their best. Beware: team spirit is not something you can or should fake! Everyone in your office knows the ins and outs and can tell when you have their best interests in mind. Strive to create an office culture that everyone can get behind; an environment they look forward to entering every day.

3. Save Time and Costs

Good corporate catering in NJ and NYC will take care of all the planning and management details so that you can focus on the other important parts of your event. A catering package will also be better for your office budget. Planning ahead can help you save on time and costs, guaranteeing a successful event.

With professional caterers in NJ and NYC, working hassle-free is easy. No purchasing food and putting it together in the boardroom. The catering service does everything, from start to finish. A few clicks on your computer, and you can move on to more important things.

4. Make Your Employees Feel Valued

If you already do special things in the office for employees’ birthdays, then you know how much people appreciate these gestures. Without your employees, your projects and operations simply won’t work.

Let them know you see and value their contributions to the office with Corporate Essentials’ premium workplace food offerings. We take all dietary restrictions into account and can tweak the menus to bring your employees the best tasting and healthiest meals.

5. Have Fun Together

Special celebrations in the office show your team that you acknowledge their hard work and efforts. Plan some events to reward them and make your appreciation known.

Whether you need corporate catering in NJ or NYC for a party or a simple grab-and-go-lunch, we can deliver. Plus, the meals are never boring—the menus change daily and seasonally. We source all ingredients locally and ensure that they are always fresh when arriving on your office doorstep.

6. Better Business Relationships with Clients

If you have an important meeting or top clients visiting your office, it’s essential to make that good impression. Having a catering service to bring refreshments and snacks can keep your positive image strong in your clients’ minds.

Critical meetings where important decisions are made can be influenced by the tiniest things—a delicious brew or a thoughtfully prepared snack. Or perhaps a special meal that takes their dietary preferences and needs into consideration. Your business relations should be one of the things to consider when budgeting for corporate catering.

7. Health Benefits

Besides the tasty, healthy food on offer, you can encourage your staff with premium water equipment. Whether they prefer sparkling, still or flavored, we have it all. The full-service catering solutions take the well-being of your staff into consideration.

One of the things that make our catering services for corporate offices in New Jersey and New York unique is our attention to detail. We work with award-winning chefs to ensure that everything—from the ingredients to the flavors, to the health benefits make you and your teams happier and more productive.

Customized Office Refreshment Solutions Just For You

Do you need a customized solution to maximize your budget while creating a breakroom space that fuels your company culture and allows your employees to work happy? Corporate Essentials brings all that to your office, and you don’t even have to lift a finger.

Call us today for more information, or visit our website to find out more.

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