A picture is worth 1,000 words, so the adage goes, and in our hyper-connected world, visual communication is more important than ever before (although we should ignore coffee bloggers either!)

One of the best advantages coffee lovers in this social media landscape have over their predecessors is the ability to take part in the coffee rituals of others from afar – and nowhere is that more fun than Instagram.

Today, the caffeine experts here at Corporate Essentials are taking a day off from informing our readers about the best food and drink options for their NJ breakrooms. Instead, we are going to show you ten of the best Instagram accounts for coffee lovers to follow.

Whether you appreciate photography, love getting a glimpse into a coffee shop you might never get to visit in person or want to grab a virtual pick-me-up between coffee breaks, in no particular order, here are our top ten best coffee Instagram accounts right now:

Asaf Rauchcoffeestation_latteart

Top 10 Coffee Instagram AccountsStarting with one of the best examples of a professional with passion, Asaf Rauch brings his business to Instagram with simple style and packs an amazing amount of practical instruction into the 15-second videos that pepper his stream – videos where we can watch Rauch make a delectable ristretto dessert.

‘The pours are as consistently beautiful as the videos are amazing, and with good reason, Rauch is a competition-level latte art trainer. He has plenty of tricks up his sleeve, including the ability to find a fresh vision for his pours in the world around him, always.

Stephen Vick – stephen_vick

Top 10 Coffee Instagram AccountsIf you are looking for coffee Instagram accounts that have a true worldview, you are not likely to find one more dynamic than Stephen Vick’s. Vick is a green bean buyer for San Francisco coffee legends Blue Bottle, and his 1:1 images will take you around the world in search of the best beans for every season.

Showcasing coffee wisdom, as well as some of the less-known elements of bringing your delicious brew to the break room, Vick offers coffee lovers a unique view on all there is to love about coffee.

Aron Tzimasacoffeeeveryday

Top 10 Coffee Instagram AccountsAron Tzimas has one of the most delicious coffee Instagram accounts we have had the pleasure of experiencing. Perhaps because he is the co-owner of the Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, or maybe because his feed has a great deal of variety, we definitely find that his images leave us feeling a little hungry.

His coffee shots are more unique than most that we found, and if you happen to be interested in other hot beverages, Tzimas does a great sideline in shots of tea! And did we mention there was cake? There are quite a few amazing looking cakes.

John Letotohermitudinous

Top 10 Coffee Instagram AccountsIf you could find the actual intersection of coffee and style, standing on the corner would be John Letoto. His followers feast on a diet of amazing menswear, epic microfoam and behind-the-scenes shots from some of the industry’s biggest coffee competitions.

Letoto is a writer, roaster and barista with style to spare – a caffeinated renaissance man. His feed is a great example of how coffee Instagram accounts can showcase the way that coffee dovetails nicely into so many aspects of our lives.

Øystein T. Berntsenkaffelab

Top 10 Coffee Instagram AccountsIf you peek at the Kaffelab Instagram page and think it looks a little Spartan, a little more European, maybe even a little cold – that would be because it is the brainchild of Norway’s own Øystein T. Bernsten. Unlike a lot of the coffee Instagram accounts we are featuring, Kaffelab brings a whole lot of technology to the party.

Featuring different roasts and blends from around the world, Bernsten’s posts focus on the beauty of coffee, however, it may be extracted, with a heavy bend toward the pour-over method.

Nicely Abel – nicely85

Top 10 Coffee Instagram AccountsProving that even the tiniest pours are a labor of love, Nicely Abel is not just another award-winning crafter of latte art – but a three-time world champion.

Customers at Menotti’s in Venice Beach can stroll up to the counter and enjoy his work whenever they wish, and even if you are hunkered down in NYC in the heart of an ice storm, as long as you can get a phone signal, you can enjoy his work on Instagram.

Timothy B Hill – timothybhill

Top 10 Coffee Instagram AccountsAs the roast master at Counter Culture, Tim Hill knows coffee.

He’s traveled the world building a network of rich coffee relationships, designed an amazing roasting facility and posted a boatload of updates from his adventures in caffeine on Instagram for the rest of us to live vicariously through.

Cabell Tice – cabellcoffee

Top 10 Coffee Instagram AccountsPart barista, part photographer, Cabell Tice offers coffee lovers a view of some amazing cups, peppered with delicious treats and beautiful things.

Tice is a three-time holder of the Coffee Fest Latte Art World Championship prize, earned his chops at Boston’s Thinking Cup and recently switched coasts to put down roots in the Pacific Northwest.

Junichi Yamaguchi – junichi_yamaguchi

Top 10 Coffee Instagram AccountsIf there is an international man of mystery among the coffee people, his name is Junichi Yamaguchi, and as coffee Instagram accounts go, his delivers more joy per frame than virtually any other we can find.

Yamaguchi is a champion barista, a teacher and a legend the world over. His feed is full of impossibly intricate lines, show-stopping equipment and smiles to go around.

Tanner Jacobsen – thehotdrip

Top 10 Coffee Instagram AccountsAnd finally, no list of top coffee Instagram accounts could be complete without a nod to New York’s own Tanner Jacobsen.

His occasional celebrity encounters are fun and his tongue-in-cheek take on the serious world of coffee is definitely refreshing.



If all these gorgeous coffee Instagram accounts have made you thirsty, or sparked your creative side, inspiring you to make your own #officecoffee Instagram stream, the team at Corporate Essentials has a solid offering of coffee consumables and equipment for NJ offices to get your business started.

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