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Here at Corporate Essentials, we spend a lot of our time telling you what we think makes great coffee and how great coffee can make your NYC workplace thrive. Once in a while, we like to kick back and offer the microphone to other experts out there on the internet, and this is one of those times.

Coffee is something people are very passionate about, it brings out their creativity in more ways than one. With a simple search on the internet, you can find things coffee bloggers and even Instagram accounts all about coffee! Blogging about coffee is a big responsibility, but also lots of fun. Today we are turning our focus to eight of the nation’s top coffee bloggers. And here, in no particular order, are their blogs:

The Coffee Compass

Top 8 Coffee BloggersAiming to provide you with a touch of local flavor wherever your journey may take you, The Coffee Compass (TCC), as their about page will tell you, “exists to help you navigate the world of craft coffee.”

The lion’s share of posting duties are handled by Michael Butterworth, a barista who has café crawled around Europe learning the nuances and techniques that makes some of the world’s most amazing coffees truly shine.

We love TCC for the handy map featuring a selection of the world’s best cafes, as well as the well-balanced content that includes both news and reviews.


Coffee Geek

Top 8 Coffee BloggersCoffee Geek (CG) is one of the greatest online repositories of information for people who really, really like to know what they are drinking.

There are in-depth reviews of virtually every coffee maker available on the market, tutorials for the majority of those, recommendations for how to hack those coffee pots to better meet your individual needs and even a lively collection of forums where you can go ask any pressing coffee question that is not answered in the articles already available.

We love Coffee Geek for its staying power in the ever-evolving digital landscape, and because founder Mark Prince has worked to cultivate an amazing example of all that’s great about coffee culture in one tidy site.

I Need Coffee

Top 8 Coffee BloggersA simple celebration that coffee fan Michael Allen Smith started in 1999, featuring informative posts, tutorials, photos and even the occasional comic, I Need Coffee (INC) is a great resource, as well as an entertaining read.

A handful of skilled coffee bloggers contribute to INC without diluting the site’s personality.

One of our favorite pieces on INC is Stefanie Spencer’s “Coffee and Your Health” – because every so often we need a reason to indulge in coffee, and it was great to learn a few new ones we could file away for a dreary day.

Pure Coffee Blog

Top 8 Coffee BloggersThis is another great site for people on the move hoping to find solid reviews of coffee establishments in a given area.

The map feature on Pure Coffee Blog (PCB) is easy to use and provides direct links to the reviews with helpful shop front photos.

There are pictures from inside the shops as well, giving readers a better feel for where they might want to go. We love PCB for the personality that shines through the reviews, and the fact that the coffee shops reviewed are highlighted so clearly.

In My Mug

Top 8 Coffee BloggersWe know we said we would be showcasing coffee bloggers, but this is a vlog worth checking out as the video content is consistently informative and the written content is well put together.

Brought to you by UK coffee innovator Steve Leighton of Has Bean Coffee, In My Mug (IMM) showcases a specific varietal, location, roast technique or other quirks of a specific coffee each week. For super fans, the IMM team actually offers a weekly special subscription to readers/viewers in the UK/US/Mainland Europe and Japan – you can get 250 (about half a pound) of the featured coffee from the week’s post/video fresh-roasted and delivered to your door.

We love it for the hands-on approach Leighton takes to the project and the fact that he seems to have invented a new service, “tasteovision,” which really does inspire the senses.


Dear Coffee I Love You

Top 8 Coffee BloggersDear Coffee I Love You (DCILY) describes itself as a “design-driven resource for coffee lovers,” and we could not agree more.

The site is beautiful and highly readable. The DCILY Facebook and other social media feeds are updated daily, though the blog posts are not as frequent. We love it for the annual holiday gift guide DCILY put together – some fantastic finds for the coffee lovers in your life.

Coffee Brew Guides

Top 8 Coffee BloggersThough they haven’t been around as long as some of the coffee bloggers featured, what Coffee Brew Guides (CBG) lacks in archive content they make up for in detail.

The reviews and tutorials on offer are incredibly in-depth, but not at the expense of readability.

Anyone can jump in and follow along while Garret learns more and more about coffee and all the ways a person can love the dark brown liquid that fuels our lives. We love CBG for the enthusiasm that has gone into the project so far.

Jim Seven

Top 8 Coffee BloggersFor more than ten years, James Hoffman has poured his coffee-loving soul into the posts on the Jim Seven blog – as coffee bloggers go, there are few with the chops Hoffman brings to his project.

It is a heady blend of industry news, reflections, reviews and even tutorials targeted at anyone and everyone who cares about the coffee they consume.

We love the Jim Seven blog because it is so well written and includes handy post reading times so you know whether you need a six or a 12-ounce cup of Joe to go along with your daily dose of Jim.


Whether you are inspired by coffee bloggers to expand your office coffee offering or to take the plunge and try to provide the best coffee in your NYC office, the team of experts here at Corporate Essentials is ideally positioned to help you on your way. We can help you offer your staff the best of the best office food and drinks while helping you motivate your NYC employees with locally roasted, responsibly sourced coffee options.

Contact our team for more information on how you can use coffee to bring your teams closer together, boost productivity and improve your company culture. Happy reading.

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