Water may cover around 70 percent of the earth’s surface, but there are hundreds of thousands of people in New Jersey offices who would say that coffee is the most important liquid by far.

It welcomes you to the office on a dreary day, sustains you through the most chaotic schedules and provides a delicious pick-me-up to anyone willing to wait 30 seconds for the hot, fresh brew to trickle into a waiting mug.

Great coffee distributors know how important the office coffee is to your staff’s happiness, and in turn, your business’s ongoing success.

Today, the team of experts at Corporate Essentials has banded together to give you four reasons that coffee’s critical role in your workplace simply can not be ignored.

Fulfill caffeine cravings

Caffeine is one of those things that can make all the difference in your world some mornings. But did you ever stop to consider why? What is it about coffee that makes you and your colleagues seem so reliant on it?

Well, for starters, it turns out that coffee might actually be good for our bodies as well as our minds. This is one of the reasons that great coffee distributors will tell you, time and again, that investing in the best office coffee is well worth it.

While our own team may be a little biased, there is a growing body of expert evidence that suggests coffee has serious benefits, such as:

  • Nutrition: coffee has actual nutritional value thanks to a raft of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, including pantothenic acid, riboflavin, niacin, potassium, thiamine and manganese.
  • Brain power: there is little that puts a hitch in an otherwise productive day more than a creative block, but coffee drinkers are less likely to experience this. Perhaps because caffeine is a stimulant or maybe because of its overall impact on our neural chemistry. Whatever the case, the net result is clearer, functioning minds around the table for your afternoon brainstorming session.
  • Weight loss: while we are not saying simply sipping coffee at your desk will melt away that spare tire, we are here to tell you that caffeine boosts the metabolism and has been found to improve athletic performance through the mobilization of fatty acids.
  • Long term benefits: there are studies linking coffee consumption to everything from a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to a lower risk of developing Type II Diabetes and liver cirrhosis, again the majority of evidence is focused on the changes that caffeine brings to our body chemistry.

In reality, people crave things that make them feel good – and coffee makes us feel good. So it stands to reason that offering readily accessible coffee in your workplace is a great way to help boost morale by feeding those cravings.

Office perks benefit everyone

The 2014 Employee Benefits Survey published by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) noted that 20 percent of the employers surveyed provided free on-site snacks and beverages. While the SHRM did not quantify the return on that investment for employers, what our experience as New Jersey’s leading group of office coffee distributors has shown is that when offices have a well-stocked break room, productivity soars.

This happens for a lot of reasons, but we have narrowed it down to:

  • Saving time: because no one has to organize getting a coffee order from the café up the road or waste time chasing catering orders for special meetings. Staff who save time are able to focus their efforts more diligently on the work at hand, creating a more efficient office for all.
  • Saving money: because everyone – everyone – likes to save a little here and there, being able to skip that $4 coffee on your way to work because you know a hot, fresh mug of coffee will be available at the office is a huge thing.
  • Building relationships: by providing a common area where all staff has the opportunity to intersect, you give teams that would typically never see one another the chance to talk. This can improve inter-departmental collaboration and company-wide problem-solving, as well as boosting overall morale.

It may sound crazy to say that all of this is possible thanks to a good relationship with one of New Jersey’s best coffee distributors, and yet it is.

Promote office culture

Building office culture is a serious business. But it is something that many firms struggle to do well, because creating a culture where people feel supported is more about providing the underpinnings for success than it is about throwing lavish parties or showering teams with compliments.

It is something that the team here at Corporate Essentials sees over and over in successful New Jersey offices – improving the office break room area with the addition of on-site coffee and other refreshment options allows staff to mingle, relax, interact and produce better work than ever before.

It is a little like the advice Ray Kinsella, played by Kevin Costner, receives from a faceless voice in the movie Field of Dreams. If you build it, culture will come. But, why? Because you create a place where people share food and beverages, an act that naturally humanizes us all (yes, even that smelly guy from accounts); because even with the fastest office coffee maker in town, it still takes a minute to fill your cup; because people really are innately social creatures; and perhaps most of all, because the best office coffee is magical stuff.

In providing a space where coffee can be made and enjoyed, you are providing a foundation for staff to interact, collaborate and grow together as a team.

Keep productivity up

There are plenty of ways to incentivize the staff in your NJ office – and most of them do provide a genuine boost to productivity. One of the simplest things you can do is provide them with on-site refreshments.

It may sound incredulous, but the truth is having a great relationship with a team of local coffee distributors gives you access to snacks and drinks when they are up against a deadline. This relieves stress, frees up their time and provides a silent pat on the back to those in the trenches at your firm.

Without the distraction of hunger pangs, or the downtime caused by having to run out to get a bite to eat or a fresh cup of java before the presentation, your staff are able to truly focus on their work. This means you get better results, typically delivered faster, and often with a smile.

If the time has come for your New Jersey firm to “build it”, contact the coffee distribution experts at Corporate Essentials. Our team of coffee distributors has access to some of the best resources around and a reputation for success that is nearly two decades in the making.

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