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You have taken the time to find the best of everything for your New York City office and the coffee you provide for staff and visitors should be no exception. There are costs and benefits to weigh, tastes and preferences to balance, but the important thing for successful companies in NYC should bear in mind when it comes to office coffee is that there is plenty of fun to be had as well. Today the team of caffeine wizards at Corporate Essentials is here to give you some great examples of why having the best office coffee for your NYC workplace matters.

Building better teams

Some days it seems like there is nothing you can do to encourage people to work together. Teams fight for power over projects, personalities clash and details get lost in the shuffle. You can invest in some pretty elaborate team-building excursions and hope for the best, or you can start with something simple that everyone in your building has a relative dependence on – coffee. Providing the best office coffee in town gives your teams a neutral area to come together and enjoy something that they can all agree is amazing.

Get your people involved in the office coffee service from the start by involving employees from across your organization in selecting the best office coffee products on the market. Then, keep them engaged by providing ongoing surveys, event invitations and tasting opportunities. The benefit this brings your workplace is an improved sense of team spirit – both for the individual teams and the organization as a whole.

Keeping people healthier

One of the more subtle benefits that providing great office coffee and snacks in your break room brings is the gift of a healthier workforce. Employees who have access to a well-stocked break room complete with the best office coffee available are far more likely to:

  • Take regular breaks: the majority of the common workplace ailments stem from spending too much time sitting at our desks, so anything that encourages employees to get up and move around is a great first step toward better workplace health.
  • Drink more fluids: dehydration is the silent scourge of many offices, mild dehydration can lead to general fatigue, clouded judgment and mood swings as well as more serious conditions ranging from headaches to more serious circulatory issues.
  • Make healthier choices: with access to a raft of the best office coffee products, including healthy snacks and other treats, your employees are far less likely to indulge in unhealthy cravings for junk food. The role of hydration is also important in helping your teams make healthier choices – nearly 40% of people will mistake the body’s thirst as hunger.

By providing the best office coffee in NYC, your team has access to a delicious, satisfying array of beverages, but more than this, your teams are given the tools to unlock a healthier office lifestyle. And without your health, what do you really have?

Minimizing staff turnover

Another benefit that companies often overlook when considering the importance of high-quality office coffee services is the boost that providing such a benefit to staff can give their employee retention stats. Your company has invested a reasonable amount in wooing the best talent you can attract in your given field – it is a shame to see them walk away for any reason, but especially when you could prevent their departure by making them feel more valued.

Think of the office coffee service as a benefit for your employees – just any office coffee is not going to set you apart from the other firms in your field. The best office coffee in NYC, on the other hand, can be a feather in your cap, particularly when you involve your employees in the ongoing selection and evaluation of the office coffee offerings from your chosen coffee service. Engage your teams in the office coffee experience with tastings, surveys and friendly cross-departmental competitions.

More than this, enhance the break room experience for your teams by providing a pleasant space and appropriate equipment and accessories that help to make the office coffee culture you are establishing the very best that it can be.

Savings for all

The last thing we would like to highlight for those looking at how the return on investment for office coffee services stacks up – savings.

If you consider the amount of time your staffers are wasting on their way into work in the morning picking up an extra latte for a coworker because they were stopping for their own coffee anyway; the added time people spend before (or after) meetings running to get coffee for clients or colleagues visiting the office; and the added downtime whenever someone takes an off-site coffee break, it is easy to see how the minutes quickly become hours and across a month you lose days of productive work time in the name of “grabbing a quick cup of Joe”.

That decrease in productive time is a decrease in efficiency and that costs your firm cold hard cash. Another important point on the subject of savings contributes to the point about staff retention above – bringing the best office coffee in-house for your NYC company saves your staff money.

Whether you choose to provide office coffee for free as a benefit or at a highly subsidized rate as a perk, your staff is likely spending less on coffee at the café up the street, and everyone likes to save money. Knowing they can shave five minutes off their commute by not queuing up for their morning cappuccino is a great perk, but keeping $5.00 in their pocket for the same reason is a tremendous bonus.

These are just four examples of how having the best office coffee on site for your New York City office is an investment worth making. If your team is ready to experience the difference of a better break room by providing the best office coffee in NYC, reach out to the team of coffee experts here at Corporate Essentials. We have nearly two decades of experience providing the best-quality office coffee products to businesses like yours throughout New York City, and we are happy to help you see the benefits that great office coffee can provide.

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Suzie Pinhancos

Suzie is the Client Support Specialist at Corporate Essentials. She graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Union County College. Since 2014 she’s been fueling the culture at Corporate Essentials and spreading the word about their premier office coffee service in NJ & NYC.