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In the age of COVID-19, facility managers are tasked with a new expectation: ensuring a safe and healthy physical space for employees to return to. Corporate Essentials’ Founder & CEO, Judson Kleinman, identifies key solutions for facility managers to implement prior to returning to the workplace in the current issue of IFMA’s FMJ magazine.

The article states, “Facility managers are dealing with myriad responsibilities, ensuring everything to do with the physical space of the business is running safely and efficiently. With COVID-19 bringing new health and safety standards to bear, FMs are also on the front lines of ensuring the property is a healthy environment.

The article sites the following examples:

  • As offices continue reopening and workers return to the workplace, break rooms and common areas must be reimagined to ensure safety, with touchless technology devices that can be deployed in any building.
  • College campuses can become petri dishes for the spread of coronavirus. Although it is difficult to enforce handwashing, mask-wearing and no partying in large groups, equipment can be installed to reduce the risk of virus transmission.
  • Nursing homes and other senior living facilities are under scrutiny for some of the highest disease incidence and death rates. Beyond adequate inventory of personal protective equipment, what else could have been used to help curb risk?” Kleinman outlines in Responsible Reentry: Health and Safety Measures for Facilities in the COVID Age.

Kleinman goes on to outline key technologies available to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and other contaminants, including NanoSeptic film, air purification units, hands-free break room equipment, and more. Click below to read the full article in IFMA’s FMJ Magazine.

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