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How sustainable are your break room supplies? Your employees are taking note! An article from Industry Today states that businesses that wish to attract millennials need to invest in healthy environmental practices. Thus, companies are trending toward using sustainable alternatives to plastic utensils and styrofoam plates in their kitchens and break rooms to address the concerns of their environmentally conscious employees.  

Gaining control of the ever-increasing amount of plastic waste on our planet is a colossal endeavor. Plastic Oceans states that 50% of all plastics produced are used for single purposes—once used, they are thrown away. A recent study by National Geographic states that only 9% of plastics are actually recycled. However, we can begin with simple, small steps and the company break room is the perfect place to start!

Why Go Green?

  • Sustainable Products are Kind to the Environment

The manufacturing of plastics can cause chemical gases and toxins to be released into the environment. And, that’s just the beginning. It’s estimated that by 2050, there will be 12 billion metric tons of plastic in landfills because items such as plastic bottles can take up to 450 years to decompose.

Using alternative compostable products made from natural or recycled materials such as corn or bamboo is a responsible way to address environmental issues because they take a short time to decompose and can be efficiently recycled into new items for the marketplace. Sustainable manufacturing utilizes environmentally sound processes that minimize negative environmental impact. These processes emphasize the conservancy of energy and natural resources while enhancing employee, community, and product safety and leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

  • Cleaner Products = Better Health

Allergic reactions to certain materials are common in many people, and plastics can cause a multitude of allergic reactions and health issues. Environmentally friendly plates, cups, and utensils are much safer for those with sensitivities and help to keep your office break room environment clean and germ-free. 

In addition, plastic products tend to leach toxic chemicals into food because they are treated with dyes, bleaches, and inks which can affect the endocrine system and cause various health problems. Because biodegradable disposables are non-toxic, you can enjoy hot meals and drinks without worrying about chemicals getting into your food.

  • Environmental Consciousness Builds a Better Team

With the rise of planet-friendly consciousness, much of today’s working population appreciates the availability of sustainable solutions. Having a “green mentality” helps attract and keep valuable employees who appreciate their employer’s attitude toward the environment.

  • Your Corporate Reputation

Consumers are aware of the impact of products on our environment. An article on states that more than 80% of people respect companies and brands that implement eco-friendly practices. Supporting environmental responsibility promotes the message that your business is willing to be a catalyst for change by adopting eco-friendly break room, restroom, and janitorial products.

Corporate Essentials offers biodegradable cups, plates, bowls, and utensils to make coffee breaks, lunch, and “after 5” fueling efficient and eco-friendly. We even provide inventory and restocking services, so all you have to think about is what to eat!

Judson Kleinman

As the founder and CEO of Corporate Essentials, Judson set out with every intention of bringing a new meaning to the words "office culture". As leaders in the industry, his company constantly sets the bar by investing in, and improving their product offerings, technology, people and training. 20 years and 1500 clients later, Judson can proudly say that Corporate Essentials continues to positively fuel culture and allow over 150,000 employees to work happy.